jit.gl.pix & interpolation while sampling texture

    Oct 22 2019 | 6:15 pm
    Hey there,
    here is a very easy patch trying to take a picture, cut some bands vertically, and offsetting bands up or down. It should do this, but we can see diagonals effect meaning something should interpolate something in my mess.
    Would you see the thing?
    Maxi Thanks. I think it is easy, I'm just blind, apparently :'(

    • Dec 12 2019 | 3:42 pm
      Hi Julien, here's a solution that involves passing your control matrix through a [jit.gl.pix] with the sampling filter set to nearest neighbour.
      I haven't seen the sendinput and sendouput messages documented very clearly anywhere, but it does come up in various forum posts (e.g. https://cycling74.com/forums/set-filter-nearest-on-jit-gl-pix-xfade ). If someone from C74 or the community could provide a link to where they appear in the docs, or clarify what other messages are available, that would be great.