jit.gl.pix not processing <jit.catch~ @mode 2> output matrix

    Nov 13 2021 | 1:34 pm
    Hi , perhaps I am missing a simple thing here, some help please
    How can I make it work, so I can apply jit.gl.pix video effects to the output matrix from <jit.catch @mode 2> ?
    I want to apply video special FX to the output of <jit.catch~ @mode 2> using jit.gl.pix. I need to understand why is this not possible ? Please see the following patch to see how the simplest jit.gen patch, or jit.gl.pix do not give us the same image in its output. just an <in 1> connected to an <out 1 >
    ( And why is this patch not working ? )

    • Nov 17 2021 | 11:26 am
      Hello, someone ?
    • Nov 17 2021 | 3:42 pm
      Hello Sabina, it looks like you were pulling some of your patching from the [jit.catch~] help file, but you need the [jit.graph] object there to render the output from [jit.catch~] as a 2D plot. Is this what you were expecting to see?
      Otherwise, what you are experiencing has to do with the differences between matrices and textures in Jitter. Check out this helpful guide: https://cycling74.com/tutorials/best-practices-in-jitter-part-1
    • Nov 17 2021 | 4:08 pm
      looks like you simply need to convert it froma a 1D to a 2D texture. you can use jit.gl.texture for that.