jit.mo objects are orange in my Max 8 Mac OS 10.13.6

    Nov 04 2018 | 1:46 pm
    I was working through the Delicious Max Tutorials on jit.mo yesterday, numbers 70 & 71. I've attached the patch from 70 with thanks to Dude837. The same issue arises in 71.
    I uninstalled and reinstalled the jit.mo package via the Package Manager and the problem persists. I wondered if it was a 32-bit vs 64-bit issue but Max 8 on Mac OS no longer offers the option of running in... 32-bit mode. Essentially, some of the objects in the patch, on my machine are orange while a couple are not. The help files show the same behaviour as do the Reference examples. Needless to say, the patches don't work. Unfortunately, there is not diagnostic information on the Console to help.
    Hopefully this is something simple and due to my ignorance, but some suggestions would help. Thanks!

    • Nov 04 2018 | 6:07 pm
      Well, it must be because of Daylight Savings Time.
      If you've opened the patcher above you might be wondering what I'm on about. And I can't help you because I've just reopened it and the other Delicious and found everything to be as it should be. Other than left-over Halloween gremlins, the only thing I can point at might be some confusion between the Max 8 code installed by Max for Live back a few months and the most recent, standalone version, 8.01.
      Sorry for the noise. ...edN