Let's get some unrestricted midi in and out of m4l devices

    Sep 16 2010 | 9:12 pm
    Hi all. I posted this on the Ableton forum and I guessed it might be of some interest here too. I am pleased to have finished my first pair of max externals, specifically designed for use within max4live, . This is no 'ready made' live device, these are only max objects which, if you take a look at the help patches, will enable you to build max4live devices with full access to sending and receiving midi events - notes/cc/program change/channel aftertouch/poly aftertouch/pitchbend and sysex from outside of Live, and without channel restrictions. These objects can equally be used in maxmsp, but differ only slightly from maxmsp's midiin and midiout objects. Unfortunately for you windows users, these are mac only, and I have no plans to delve into windows midi frameworks, sorry. For windows developers, any source code would be of limited use as generally the code is quite simple. The head scratchy bit was doing all the coremidi integration... especially as I'd never looked at mac os frameworks before a couple of weeks ago. Feedback is most certainly welcome on useability, robustness and feature requests. I'm also interested as to how anyone might end up using these in their max4live devices, if indeed you do.
    Kind regards Leigh

    • Sep 18 2010 | 10:16 am
      Thanks very much, indeed i was looking for an easier way to control Live parameters in a quicker way than this (infamous to me) M4L syntax...
      Seems to work good for the simple tasks i'm doing right now. Basically : getting data from modded joysticks and control send volumes.
      Still can't understand how to do it in M4L, nor why a simple midi CC can't be sent easily. Before your objects.
    • Oct 12 2011 | 8:45 pm
      Thanks so much for creating these! This is a really huge deal - opening up Max4Live to unlimited MIDI control. Don't have a Mac to test them out on but I really see the potential of what you're unlocking here - truly enabling full MIDI customization for DIY controller projects!
    • Jun 02 2013 | 12:02 am
      This link doesn't work any more. Any chance you've got them available for download somewhere else? Thank you!