Looking to hire someone for finishing up a project

    Dec 28 2016 | 1:09 pm
    Is there somebody out there who can help me for just a week or two? The project involves: Two loopers with both times the ipoke~ object 200 polys with groove~ (I am sure there is another way... Just no time) a dict to save all the parameters in and recall from the poly~ a vst~ which has to run with a 64 Signal Vector size in order to work And lots of pictctrl.
    All elements work independent from each-other but whenever I put them together, I get things like 'runaway loop', the gui becomes very slow or other random things which I can't fix.
    I am finishing up this project and I just can't wrap my head around it anymore. It would be great to have someone join in who has experience with building a standalone.
    If you're interested, pm me with your expected compensation and I can send you some more info: sjoerd (dot) sanden (at) gmail (dot) com