Max crashes the dirty way under Windows

    Sep 05 2020 | 11:04 am
    Since a very, very long time I have an issue with Max under Windows (W10 v18362.1016 - 64 bit).
    Whenever Max crashes, I cannot relaunch it directly because obviously there is at least one background Max process is left open after the crash. First the task manager from Windows must be opened. Then the background thread must be terminated. Moreover, most of the time the background process isn't removed from the list displayed in the task manager even if the "end of task" action has been executed. However, it seems that performing this action it whatsoever has some effect because afterwards I can launch Max again.
    This is really annoying especially if a crash happens in a live setup because it makes relaunching Max longer and more complicated than it should be.
    This issue happens under Max 8.1.5 but I think it's been happening since version 8.0.0 at least.

    • Sep 05 2020 | 12:59 pm
      You can make executable command to kill Max
      taskkill /IM Max.exe /f
      Replace Standalone Name in the script. One can easily make little exe file to force quit and start app. taskkill /IM MyApp.exe /f start C:\MyApps\MyApp.exe
    • Sep 05 2020 | 2:33 pm
      Very interesting! I'll check that. thank you @Source Audio.
    • Sep 05 2020 | 3:56 pm
      If you need any help making cmd file or exe out of it just post here.
    • Sep 08 2020 | 10:56 am
      Are these PowerShell scripts? Also, now I need a way to crash Max easily in order to check my scripts. Any suggestion?
    • Sep 08 2020 | 11:08 am
      this is simple batch script. Easiest way - open Notepad paste inside and save as .cmd
      Doubleclick will execute it. I use bat to exe converter to convert script to exe application You don't need to crash max, use this script : taskkill /IM Max.exe /f There is one thing to remember : Max writes preferences on normal exit, I noticed that dsp settings fail to store if one forces Max quit, and also if main patcher window is close disabled, or full screen. One has to get out of full screen, or window flags close, window exec before quitting standalone, otherwise dsp settings won't store. -------- Maybe I did not state this clearly : taskkill needs no path, just the name of app to kill. start on the other hand needs full path to application and it fails if app is not on root partition
    • Sep 08 2020 | 11:25 am
      Ok, I understand what you mean by crashing max, to quit max might not let it hang, bang this message to provoke max to crash.
      ; max crash But I don't know if it would still keep hanging in the background.
    • Sep 08 2020 | 11:43 am
      I didn't know such a Max message existed! :-)))
      However there's no process hanging in the background indeed. So I'll wait for the next "dirty" crash.
      Thanks a lot @Source Audio!