Max for Live / MaxMSP gen~ patcher locking function


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    Apr 08 2015 | 6:25 am
    I'm interested in making my Max and Max for Live patches more secure with embedded locking function for read/write of gen~ subpatcher. I would like to make my business more profitable and make my gen~ patchers unresponsive for exportcode commands and closed for code editing (viewing) right out of the box in the final product. Otherwise I don't see application build function of MaxMSP (6 or 7 it doesn't matter) or .amxd device medium suitable for commercial application, because no ever license can produce someone from reading the code.
    Question: Can you provide me with a solution to adjust some options to bring this behavior or write down additional code or even software updates to bring this functionality right out of the box?
    Best regards, Ruslan Yusipov