Max7/jitter scheduler/priority trouble ??

    Jun 11 2018 | 1:49 am
    Hello everyone, I have a trouble around Max7/jitter, please give me advices/comments. This is my prototype patch. When I use mouse/keyboard to change parameter of mask counts, everything works good - slider drag, slider click, change number by mouse drag or keyboard input. The random generation the parameter of mask counts also works well with button click by mouse. However, the random generation the parameter of mask counts does not work by "metro" trigger or other inputs (sensor inputs, etc). Why ???
    Above patch contains complicated elements (external files, etc), so below is the simple example. This patch does not have any subpatch, very simple. Max7 source is here.
    I cannot understand the reason of this trouble. I think the Max7 preferences of "scheduler" is important about this priority...
    Please give me advices/comments.