Midi dropouts on tracks with Max Midi Effects?

    Jul 31 2019 | 3:17 pm
    I have Max Midi Effects which include live.dials and a JS script to manage stuff. Nothing too complex. Often, when I trigger midi messages, the device with the Max Midi Effect will stop making sounds. I will have to trigger a midi message again and then everything is working again. This behavior is inconsistent, but happens all the time. When try to add new midi notes or just play midi when a clip is playing, the selected track and/or other tracks will experience midi drops until midi is retriggered. Has anyone else seen this? What can be done? I'm on a macbook air, high sierra.
    On a possibly unrelated note, sometimes when I leave a project open for a while, midi notes will simply stop functioning entirely, and the computer must be restarted to recover from this. Midi clips with midi information play just fine and don't experience a dropout like I just described however..