Jul 11 2018 | 12:23 pm
    Hello ! I 'd like to be able to send Program Changes just by highlighting a Scene Name. (without triggering any clip). Ex: I select the scene 1. Scene 1 sends PC 3 (channel 4) to an external synth and PC 5 (channel 10) to another one. My synths are monitoring the good preset. Then I hit play on Ableton. It works well on MPC, and it's very useful to send those kind of messages without starting any clock.....
    I've tried many ways to achieve this (ClyphX, midi macros) but I failed everytime, and obviously the best way is to program a patch in Max. (or maybe a User Action in python code!) :/ The big problem is : I'm new to this software and I don't understand anything !!!! If someone can help me ... ! Thanks !!!!!!

    • Jul 11 2018 | 10:06 pm
      It can be done with M4L (midi effect device). Here is a basic patch that gives you the name of the selected scene.
    • Jul 12 2018 | 5:54 pm
      Thanks BROC !!
      I've tried to paste from clipboard into a new Max project but how can I integrate it to Live? The shortcut to export it as a Max4Live device is not available ... :/
    • Jul 12 2018 | 6:17 pm
      In Live open an empty Max MIDI effect and paste the patch.
    • Jul 18 2018 | 3:47 pm
      Hello Broc, I've tried to paste it in a max midi effect but nothing happens.... :S I saw the patch "fire selected clip" in the Live abstractions menu and it gave me an idea : why not triggering only a few dummy clips to send the PC just by highlighting them: but there's another problem... Is there a script "select=bang" or "highlight=play" or that kind of message ? I really want to avoid the manual trigger...
      Thanks ! btw, I keep practicing on Max :S
    • Jul 18 2018 | 7:06 pm
      Well, my patch was only the main part of a solution. But here is an example of the completed patch.
    • Jul 20 2018 | 3:32 pm
      thank you very much Broc !!!!!!!!!
      (by the way good tutorial to understand how it works)