Need a plugin that works like a Chosen Scene Clip Launcher

    Jun 02 2020 | 3:18 am
    Chosen Scene Clip Launcher. A plugin that turns clips On/Off in a chosen at the moment (highlighted) scene. 1. A plugin that allows to use an external (foot, FCB1010) controller buttons on turning On/Off a specific clips in Ableton Live Session view. 2. Each controller button should launch the clips within one track (vertical line). Button 1 launches clips in the track 1, button 2 in track 2, etc. 3. This controller button should turn On/Off the clip that belongs to a scene that is chosen at the moment (a horizontal line that highlights when you choose a scene). I think the plugin should look like bunch of numbers (1 through 10, or 20), where each number represents a specific track, and the buttons on the external controller could be mapped to these numbers. And the only thing it will do will be launching a clip that is highlighted in a scene that is chosen at the moment. Thank you.

    • Jun 02 2020 | 3:20 pm
      Hi Hoopa, I could build such a device. Want to contact me via email? (I don't see an email address for you)
      Cheers, Tyler
    • Jun 03 2020 | 12:55 pm
      I just added an email to my account here. Source Audio, you are a genius! I was trying to explain here the idea on following a chosen (with the Ableton buttons) scene, and wasn't sure if it is even possible to detect by a plugin, and you simply added a scrolling through scenes function to the plugin! As elegant and ingenious as usual!) By scrolling through the numbers with a mouse I checked the functionality, everything is there. Thank you SO much! I was trying to add the buttons for around 6 hours. I am really a beginner, was going through different kinds of buttons, but no luck so far. Could you please add 2 buttons (increasing and decreasing scene numbers) to the blue square, and 10 buttons (each corresponding to the tracks 1 through 10) to the red square. At first I thought that the Refresh button will change the number of tracks and corresponding buttons, but after trying for 6 hours to assign a button to each number in the red square I realized that number of buttons probably could only be constant.
    • Jun 03 2020 | 8:29 pm
      There are 12 physical buttons on the pedal. They all (by my initial idea) will be MIDI mapped to the actual (mappable) buttons in the plugin interface. 2 of them will be constantly dedicated to the increasing/decreasing the number in the blue square (switching the scenes), they are always the same 2 (up and down). The remaining 10 could be mapped to the 10 MIDI mappable buttons in the plugin where each button always represents the same track (button 1 for track number 1, button 2 for track 2, etc.) Ableton Live has Toggle as one of the options for launching the clips, which allows to Start/Stop a clip by pressing the same button. That's why the Launch button sitting now next to the red square might not be even needed at all, because the way the plugin is working now allows me to click on the number in the red square, advance to any number, and while simply releasing the mouse button it triggers the Start/Stop action at the corresponding track, at the previously chosen in the blue square song number. So, basically, if there was a MIDI mappable button for every number in the red square then everything would be usable right away. The presence of the Refresh button made me think that the range of numbers in both squares will be adjustable according to the number of current scenes and tracks, but since the same controller's buttons launch clips in the same track I wasn't sure if this more advanced flexible clip numbers version would make me remap every button after pressing the Refresh button.
    • Jun 03 2020 | 9:18 pm
      Source Audio is right, you probably don't want to do the MIDI mapping thing.
      If you use MIDI mappable buttons you'll end up recording automation of your button presses, which may have undesirable results when you playback (unless during playback you are selecting the same scene as when you recorded).
      You may be (probably are) better off just taking MIDI input from your pedal and parsing the MIDI CC information to determine when you fire / toggle a clip on a track. Also, if you set up the device this way then once you save your device you don't need to redo the MIDI Mapping of the pedal buttons every time you want to use the device in a new project. You could still build button UI into the device if you really wanted it, just mark it 'hidden' for its parameter mode.
    • Jun 03 2020 | 11:47 pm
      Tyler, thank you so much for your reply! Regarding the recording automation of the button presses. Just would like to emphasize that this setup will be used for a live performance only. A playback, no recording. Do you think in that case the recording problem might still accure? Regarding the CC instead of MIDI mapping. I think you are right, it should keep the chosen on the controller buttons assigned to the same 10 tracks. Should those CC's be hardwired into the plugin, or could they be assignable? There is one thing I noticed: the plugin the way it is now is 99% functional, but when I release the mouse on any number in the red square (the tracks choice) it perfectly starts that clip, but if I do the same and choose the same number it wont stop the clip (in the Toggle mode). Only after I Start/Stop any other clip and then come back to the one I started in the beginning the clip will stop playing (in the Toggle "Same button Start/Stop" mode).
    • Jun 04 2020 | 12:11 am
      To stay flexible I'd just store the CC numbers in live.numbox objects in parameter mode 'stored only'. That way you can (a) set initial values to be what you currently use and (b) change them on the fly later if needed. Then you can store 'preset' of the M4L device with different CC configurations later if need be.
    • Jun 05 2020 | 8:27 pm
      Source Audio, thank you so much for such great plugin! The code might be minimal, but the functionality is very important for a live performance. Launching a clip will start a song, and having the buttons assigned to the same groups of instruments in every scene will allow to hide the computer out of view. Please assign the CC's 22 to 31 to the clip launching buttons, and 84, 85 to the scene scrolling buttons. I will look at the code to see where the values entered, and change the numbers if ever needed.
    • Jul 07 2020 | 9:29 am
      About the 4th version not working with the scenes switching I am surprised myself. Do you need to see a video where I press the keys on Roland, or a screen video with MIDI input blinking in the upper right corner while nothing happening will do? I use Live version 10.1.7
      This is a picture of the general MIDI connections for TrackSelect.
      Regarding the test you suggested: Yes, it absolutely works! And that's what made me so excited about the whole thing when I tried it yesterday after reading your recommendation on manual track choice. It seems like no special setups are needed, it simply works all the time! So, instead of manual select it should be done by pressing Motor banks Next/Previous buttons. Which logically made me question again one thing right away: Are we sure that we are "listening" to the right bank change buttons on Motor? Page 31 of Motor manual shows the buttons changing in Mackie Control mode (after pressing the MC button). It describes 4 buttons for 4 banks, but then it says that in actuality it uses the Encoder Banks buttons 17 and 25. It's weird, but I just wanted to make sure that we know about that.
    • Jul 08 2020 | 9:18 am
      I knew that command is coming from Mackie before, remember, I even asked if we could multiply the signal coming from Live to Motor, so, it will come to Roland, too. I guess I just got too excited seeing that it all perfectly works with manual clicking)) The box is incredible, it could process the signal in a really good way, but it gives a lot of In's and Out's in Live, so, to simplify everything I disconnected it, this way the Preferences picture is much cleaner, and all In's and Out's are seen:
      Now Roland goes through the Motor's USB in Merge mode. Yes, the box could process every signal separately, but again for now, for a cleaner picture I disconnected it because weather Roland goes through the box or through the Motor it does the same thing: pressing 1 through 8 keys on Roland launches clips AND highlights a track, the keys 9 and 10 launch the clips but do not highlight the tracks. Perfect! BUT it does not follow the Fader Banks keys on Motor, stays in the first 8 (10) tracks . AND, if I manually highlight any track in the second group (9 to 16) and press key 4 (for example), then the clip launching 12 will flash momentarily, and the track 4 will get highlighted (activated) right away, which moves controls back to the 1 to 8 (10) range.
    • Jul 11 2020 | 7:15 am
      Motor appears as 2 MIDI devices Part 2 for MC and the regular one as music keyboard, that's what I called "both sides of Motor". The entire MIDI configuration consists of Motor and Roland. There is also the USB dongle for Vortex, but that has nothing to do with any of it. Auracle did the trick, now both come to computer as HST 1: Motor MC ch 1, Motor keyboard ch 3, Roland keyboard ch 2, Roland CC controller ch 16. The name of the merged device is HST 1.
      Maybe it is not important now, but I checked the HST 1 (before deactivating it as an input), and all the functions were working at the channels listed above, but going through MIO Motor loses its Part 2 (the MC part), so, even when I was checking HST 1 as In and Out of Mackie (just to make sure that the MC ch 1 is On) the motorized sliders were not working. Again, it is just an observation, and I am sure that coming from the plugin it all will work as expected.
    • Jul 13 2020 | 8:10 am
      You are right - midi is midi, but is Roland sending more than just notes and CC“s ? Active Sensing, or something else ? Clock ? And - Midi is 5 volt dc based serial signal. Is dc tolerance on Roland Midi outputs ok ? Can you also test any other midi controller merged through Behringer MOTOR ? like Motor 49 to Motor 61 ? Not all small midi interfaces are that bad as this chinese MFM0860 chip based variants. Not only that this chip is not capable of fast and polyphone midi transfer, but on many boards there are also wiring mistakes, missing parts etc. If you post exact model of that midi cable you use, maybe I can tell you more about it. You need to go with serious manufacturers, like Roland, ESI etc, but that will cost a bit more.
      There is another problem - usb compliant midi interfaces on Windows do not have multi client suport, meaning only 1 software can communicate with the interface at a time. Some infos here: Can you check if Motor driver can be used in several apps at same time ? Test (without Roland) : Plug MOTOR as USB Start MidiFix, select MOTOR Mackie as Input In Live leave LoopBe as Mackie input,MOTOR Mackie as Output, add MOTOR keyboard as Input for Tracks (ONLY THAT) You should have both Mackie part and keyboard part working. --------- Anyway even if you can't merge Motor and Roland outside, I could extend MidiFix to have 2 midi inputs, 1st for Roland, 2nd for Motor Mackie, and send both merged via LoopBe to Live. Motor keyboard could pass directly to Live. Only you have to get Roland somehow to computer.
    • Jul 15 2020 | 10:43 am
      The original MidiFix file from Jul 11 was not downloading no matter what I was pressing: P2P, Direct, or anything else it was resulting in different "Not Found" pages. Then after about 10 hours it got downloaded. With this 2nd version it is getting closer to 40 hours now, but only the same "Not Found" messages. Even a torrent client is not downloading anything. I am not sure how to check on DC, I don't even have a meter, which I think I should. Motor through Motor works good, no glitches. I returned that no name cable, obviously it is not working for me, and then decided to get MIO 1 to 1, which looks pretty much like those no names, but I believe in it more because this MIOXM works perfectly. Then I realized that I have to use a card for the mic in, I even have a card especially for that UMC204HD, and that card has MIDI. Turned out that it is working well with Roland. UMC204HD is made by Behringer!!)), so, how come the Motor does as bad of a job as that no name cable? I have 4 Motors, all of them do the same.
      BUT, again, some cheapy Akai Miniak goes through Motors perfectly, without any glitches...
      The test with the MIDIFix and LoopBe you described above is working good. Both parts: the Part 2 and the keyboard are working well (the MC and the music keyboard). I think we are really close!!))
    • Jul 18 2020 | 5:23 am
      My original setup is with Xair X18 and Xtouch, this way I have WiFi mixer with multi track USB recording, decent sound card and onboard effects, and a good controller with much more robust motorized sliders. But for a small venue I grabbed some of these Motors and UMC. UMC comes with its own ASIO driver, and Motor Part 2 works with standardized MC, which is plug and play. The Motor keyboard part is just that, a straight forward keyboard controller. The tests: 1. The UMC processes sound in Live while controls a standalone synth (Korg). Even the sound sources are different: UMC ASIO in Live, and Windows Audio in Korg. I guess it is pretty separate, right? 2. The Motor MC and Motor keyboard through MidiFix and LoopBe works together in the setup you described, but only when LoopBe Input is On in the Live Preferences.
      Just found something out: the LoopBe have had the Mute pressed from the beginning. I unchecked it once before, but it got pressed again. It didn't even have any shortcuts before, now I have a shortcut on the Desktop. So, the test you described in the July 13 message works perfectly: the GUI and the physical sliders perfectly control each other, and the Motor Keyboard works as well. I am SORRY that I didn't start looking for any "hidden" LoopBe menus before. The good thing that the new version of MidiFix was on hold for the tests. I hope it simplifies the task now. Again, I am sorry for not finding this out earlier.
    • Jul 18 2020 | 11:22 am
      Yes, just like you described before: Motor Part 2 is chosen in MidiFix, LoopBe is chosen in Live MC Input, Motor Part 2 is chosen in Live MC Out, and Motor Keyboard is the only Input On in Live MIDI ports. The MC works both ways, and Motor keyboard, too. I made 2 ports in LoopMIDI: MCtoLive, and MCfromLive.
    • Jul 18 2020 | 10:44 pm
      I increased the sysex max to 512. I don't know why I can't download the previous version. I tried everything and many times, including the Torrent client version. BUT the version before that did get downloaded even though it is a bigger file.
    • Jul 19 2020 | 1:12 pm
      The link in your previous messages is not showing, and there is no new one in the new messages, but I keep a bookmark. The address is correct. Clicking on Download buttons result in "This site can't be reached". Clicking on P2P download results in Peer2peer powered download, which stays on "0", but there is a torrent download link in the middle, which opens a torrent client but does not download anything. I tried 3 different browsers, including a newly installed one. Never seen anything like that. Every attempt leaves a counter count on that page. So far there were 53.
    • Jul 19 2020 | 11:59 pm
      Got the Fix2 through the link in mail. Thank you! Assigned the Roland and Motor to it. How should I configure Ableton?
    • Jul 20 2020 | 9:20 am
      Source Audio, the Fader Page tracing for Roland works perfectly!! Thank you SO much!! There were some strange "gliychy" things appearing while I tried different sequence of the apps start, but now everything seem to be working well, accept the Mackie from Live to Motor does not control the sliders. As soon as I switch the Output to Motor Part 2 it works, but setting it back to MCfromLive stops them again. None of the versions 2, 3, 4, 5 control the scenes and the all highlighted clips launch anymore. BUT If without changing ANY settings I open the ClipSceneLauncher everything works perfectly. You wrote once that I am doing something wrong and I decided to wait till other things taken care of. Every newly created track or bank shift or anything else is "accompanied" with a piano sound coming from the computer sound board. I don't mind it because the sound output is taken from the UMC, but it is pretty strange)).