Need a plugin that works like a Chosen Scene Clip Launcher

    • Jul 20 2020 | 10:57 am
      The picture shows UMC track On (for Roland music keyboard), but everything acts the same with UMC track Off.
      The picture shows UMC track On (for Roland music keyboard), but everything acts the same with UMC track Off.
    • Jul 20 2020 | 12:27 pm
      And keep that as rule - don't use All Ins and All Channels as inputs to midi tracks.
    • Jul 20 2020 | 2:07 pm
      At first the keyboard was unabled, then it got available and usable. Now it is unavailable (red) again. I guess I was trying different apps start sequences before...
    • Jul 21 2020 | 1:08 am
      Source Audio, the MidiFix3 works perfectly!! The Motor keyboard goes through it like a charm! Thank you SO much! The MCfromLive still doesn't work. I think there is some very minor issue, like misspelling (as you wrote once yourself), i.e. "(Part 2)" is spelled with parenthesis, or something like that. You are a very professional programmer and I'm sure everything is done perfectly, and we will find that misspelling. Being so close now, and with so much effort from both sides that would be pity to drop it right at the end. Let's just take a break, and whenever you have a moment to look at it again just write here and I'll do any tests needed. The Live restarting with the MidiFix2 works on Motor Keyboard (red) input only at a certain moment and then after computer reboot it stops, but we don't need it, the MidiFix3 is Perfect!! The MCtoLive follows the banks switching perfectly: the sliders control the channels corresponding to a chosen bank. After the plugin was finished, adding a "small" feature with the banks turned out to be pretty challenging, and it is almost done. So, whenever you'll think of something please let me know and I'll try it right away. Again, thank you SO much!
    • Jul 21 2020 | 10:19 am
      On July 20th you wrote: The sequence must be : 1 All hardware connected 2 Virtual Ports created 3 MidiFix starts 4 Live starts which makes perfect sense, and this is the way I am doing it. Switching MC Output to Motor Part 2 (from MCfromLive) made the track line MC Output (Motor Part 2) red, meaning unaccessable, unavailable, and the the Motor sliders are not controlled by the Live GUI. It stays red until I turn the MidiFix3 off, then that line turns regular color. So, when I turn the Live on first with the settings MC Out to Motor Part 2, and AFTER that launch the MidiFix3 everything works the way expected! The launcher follows the pages, MC works both ways, and so on... Strange..., but works! There are couple of funny things happening if the launcher stays on any page but 1st, and I add more tracks. Most likely it will launch and highlight different tracks, but it is pretty easily healed by going to the 1st page. The scene scroller and the horizontal launcher doesn't work on the Launcher5, and the latest Launcher that it works on does not have the sliders pages function. I am sure there is some simple disconnection. This is the latest working launcher with scroll and full line but no pages:
      This is the latest Launcher with pages but without the scroller and the full line launcher:
      I copied the MidiFix2.maxpat text to the notepad and changed the extension to maxpat. Could it be a part of the plugin now (even though MidiFix3 is used now)? The less apps to start is a live setting the better)) I didn't mean to emphasize the Motor (Part 2) name, I just gave an example that something very minor is conflicting, like syntax error, or something))
    • Jul 22 2020 | 7:15 am
      Source Audio, thank you SO much for your reply! On July 18 you wrote: " Here is the patch if you want to look inside ", and posted Midifix2.maxpat. Then you wrote: " Standalone is on the way". To me it sounded like the first file was a part of something that opens in Max For Live, and the second one was a version of the same file but in standalone version. I am sorry about not understanding that there were completely different programs. The Midifix2 was posted here with the .maxpat extension, so, it was opening only as a text file, so, in order for me to save it I had to save the text in the notepad app (with the extension .txt), and then change the extension to .maxpat. I was simply asking you if it would work this way (if it is not in ASCII, or some other format that you can not simply change the extension). I was also wondering what is that Midifix2.maxpat file for, where and how it could be used.
      The results of the test in Max as follows: 2, "MIDIOUT2 (MOTÖR61 Keyboard)"; 1, "MIDIIN2 (MOTÖR61 Keyboard)";
      This is the the file saved from the MOTOR Ports file:
    • Jul 22 2020 | 9:31 am
      Yeah, it should be rared or zipped like MotorPorts, the MidiFix2.maxpat was not, that's why I had to deal with renaming extension. The "music" was actually pretty funny, it was some clusters with upper and lower keys at the same time, sounded like some horror movie stuff...)) I agree, let's go with the 1st option, it seems like like a cleaner version. 3 out of 4 Motors in repairs already)) Each one of them have had 1 (one!) key that was questionably responding in a lower velocity, so, I can check only with a 61 right now.
    • Jul 22 2020 | 11:54 am
      The MC works perfectly!! Thank you SO much! Just couple of questions: 1. The Motor keyboard in Live Configuration stays red until I close the MidiFix, then I can activate the Keyboard Track On, and start MidiFix again, just like the old version with activating Motor Part 2 for MC Out. 2. What the Store Midi Configuration button should do, store the chosen values permanently?
    • Jul 22 2020 | 11:41 pm
      Now it works. Thank you so much! But looking at the choice of options you gave me on Jul 22, the first option was with the independently connected MIDI instruments. How the MidiFix "monopolized" all the MIDI inputs, so, if any MIDI source is connected it wont let it communicate with Live unless the MidiFix started after the Ableton? The same goes for the wireless Alesis Vortex. When you gave me the choice of 2 options I thought that we neutralized the MC communication within itself, and all the other connections wont be affected, but it seems not to be the case. Is it because of the Roland is involved in MC controlling and therefor every port should have the MidiFix "permission" to get to Ableton? And again, it is not really blocking all the unspecified MIDI ports, if the MidiFix started after Ableton then it co exist with any other enabled ports. Is it doing something "aggressive" when it starts? I am just trying to understand the difference in behavior depending on the start sequence.
    • Jul 23 2020 | 8:11 am
      Yes, this is the mystery. If everything is launched in a logical manner: MidiFix first and then Live, the MIDI devices (ports, keyboards) are getting red if the track button is turned On. As soon as the MidiFix is turned off the ports could be switched on and off with no problems, and then turning the MidiFix back on does not affect the previously turned on ports. Everything is working. Strange, huh? But there should be some logic, and I don't know what it could be. With the MC output it was logical that it simply does not call the right part of the Motor, because you sounded so sure that it should work that I understood that the programming part is there and it is simply "misspelled" as I called it, or it is NAMED differently as it turned out to be. Everything is logical. But in this case I don't know what to think accept that somehow the MidiFix works AROUND the ports that are already connected when it is being launched. I know that my "around" will sound to you as stupid as "misspelled")) but, you know..., this is the best I can come up with)) If there are any tests I could do please let me know. BTW, I ran the MotorPorts test to see the exact name for the Vortex and it showed "Vortex Wireless 2". This is my full setup for now, I do not plan to add any additional instruments, but as you mentioned the 1st option with the instruments connected directly to Live would be preferred, it seems cleaner and more stable. Again, I'll be happy to do any tests, just let me know. Thank you very much.
    • Jul 23 2020 | 9:08 am
      It's hard to say, I haven't tried it in a real performance yet. Could we just add "Vortex Wireless 2" as one more instrument, and it will do for now. This way I could feel a little more safe that these 2 apps wont have a conflict in the middle of a performance))
    • Jul 23 2020 | 11:28 am
      You're right, it is important to specify a device. I wrote that line above because among the choice of the sources the Vortex was already showing, so, I assumed that the MidiFix treats the sources the same way. When I was choosing the Vortex instead of the Motor Keyboard the MIDI indicator in Live was blinking, but only now I realized that actual pressing the keys was doing that weird thing with the screens changes, etc. Like Live is listening to Vortext not only in a musical, but in some system way, too. I am just trying to notice some things that might describe the picture better. Not always in the right way. Sorry)) BTW, I am still trying to activate that Store Midi Configuration recording button. How should I assign a .txt file for it, or something? The button is not working yet, but in a live setting it would be a perfect feature to have, this way I could skip choosing all the inputs every time I turn it on.
    • Jul 23 2020 | 11:36 am
      Download Link
      Please delete ALL previous versions and use this 2. MidiFix-2 and MidiFix-3 write midi settings in own, separated folder so that they don't overwrite other version's settings file.
    • Jul 23 2020 | 11:52 am
      Mackie protocol uses midi channel 1 Vortex will have to use one midi channel which is completely free. not 1 (used by Mackie) not 2 or 16 /used by roland, and not whatever MOTOR keyboard part is using. That has to be done on device itself. In Live use allways apropriate channel on track input. --------- Store Midi Configuration writes the file itself On next App launch it reads it - NOT THE BUTTON, App itself . So clicking on the button rewrites that file with current selected menu items. File is named Port-Prefs.txt and is stored in settings folder of Midifix-2 and Midifix-3. Max Standalone apps create folders to store settings and temporary files etc in this path : Users/User/AppData/Roaming/Cycling '74/Name Of the Standalone/Settings/ in your case Users/your folder/AppData/Roaming/Cycling '74/MidiFix-2/Settings/ Users/your folder/AppData/Roaming/Cycling '74/MidiFix-3/Settings/ ---------- AppData folder is usually hidden from user's view
    • Jul 24 2020 | 3:57 am
      Great!! Just perfect!! Thank you SO much!! You mentioned that MCtoLive should be turned on as a track only (besides the MC Control Surface), but I need to use the Vortex buttons as some CC's in Live, so, I turned the Remote on, too, so far no conflicts of any kind. Do you think it will not get into any problems? The Port-Prefs.txt perfectly stores the chosen settings. When I change them in MidiFix3 and look at the file a new choice is showing, but on restart the actual inputs 1 and 5 show the right instruments (UMC and Vortex), but # 2 and # 3 shows LoopBe, and # 4 shows Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth, as if it does not read back its own stored data. I thought that it is just showing them but actual instruments are as stored in Port-Prefs.txt but the MC did not work. The permissions on Port-Prefs.txt seem to be not restricted. MidiFix2 stores only the first instrument, (UMC). By a strange coincidance the Motor inputs are not recalling. I am sure you did everything perfectly, and looking at both latest MidiFix'es makes me think that whatever has something to do with Motor instrument stored in a MidiFix not being recalled on restart, might hint on how MidiFix is going around the Live settings if it is started after it. I am still puzzled by this sequence of apps start importance))
    • Jul 24 2020 | 7:39 am
      After taking another look at the MidiFix, I can see no mistake, midi ports get stored and recalled properly. I have hoped that there was a mistake, which I could fix and finaly forget this all. But there is no mistake. You must check if midiFix populates the menus with all inputs and outputs if it starts after Live. If not, that would explain why ports can't get recalled - they don't exist in the menu. So you have to start MidiFix first and than Live. Live does not need any midi input beside MCtoLive. Not fot Track Input, not for Mackie, and also not for any automation, just assign midi channels to midi devices so that they don't conflict.
    • Jul 24 2020 | 7:58 am
      As you can see I deleted all old, non relevant posts here. This discussion took so long. Maybe you can do the same and at the end post some conclusions that could be usefull to somene else facing similar problems. --------- I have fixed that minor mistake in Clip-Scene-MidiFix.amxd it only produced some errors in Max console, otherwise functions remained absolutely the same
      Same thing for original plugin (only Roland to Scene Scroll / Clip launch)
    • Jul 24 2020 | 11:07 am
      Source Audio, absolutely! I'll be happy to write a conclusion on the great work you've done with highlighting all the steps, so, others will see all the advantages. Now only 2 versions available at this threat but I keep them all (just in case)) I know that on your side all the features (including the scenes and all horizontal clips launcher) work, but on my side all the versions we've had before incorporating the pages have these features, and as soon as we started incorporating pages they disappeared. I know that it's hard to believe when on your side it all works, so, if you'd like me to I can try to place everything in one frame and shoot a video that shows it. Please let me know. The one that has those features (pre pages version) with choosing higher pages highlights the correct clips but the clips are launched in the 1st page only. Which make sense, it's a pre pages version. This is that pre pages version with all features working:
    • Jul 24 2020 | 12:13 pm
      Source Audio, please ignore the previous message! I simply did not assign the right CC's inside the plugin. I am so embarrassed!)) Sorry!))
    • Jul 24 2020 | 1:13 pm
      First and foremost: Source Audio did absolutely wonderful job, it's one of those exceptional cases when you think of a feature and understand that it would be great to have it but probably impossible to make, and Source Audio finds a way to do it even when it takes something beyond just a plugin or an originally planned concept. A truly marvelous experience. Source Audio, thank you SO much!! The objective was to try to do a live performance with a DAW (Ableton Live) but without having a computer screen. So, Live has clips organized in tracks and with a MIDI controller launching and stopping those clips will allow to develop a real time musical texture by adding, removing and replacing patterns (clips) during a live performance, just like in some Acid but in a much more advanced level. On top of that adding a feature of moving up and down the clips lines will make it much more sophisticated because this way the number of combinations increases exponentially. On top of that there is a button that launches all the clips in any horizontal line, which gives it even more creative options. In a live performance setup the levels of every channel should be controlled independently. To save space and minimize the equipment, a keyboard with 9 motorized sliders is used, which is important because it gives a visual reference to a stored in a song mixing picture, and by adjusting a slider one wont experience a sudden jump in a level as other MIDI keyboards with non motorized sliders do. This keyboard has only 8 channel sliders and 1 master, but when more than 8 channels used a new page is automatically created. The pages could be accessed by 2 special buttons on the keyboard. But the original MIDI device (a foot keyboard) has only 13 keys, and only 10 of them are actually used for launching the clips, so, a great feature was developed of that clip launching device following the pages currently called on the keyboard with motorized sliders. This way the sliders and the keys on the launcher are synchronized to be on the same page (group of 8 sliders/tracks). Developing this "extra" feature involved a deep diving into the Mackie Control protocol, which was necessary to hack to place the clip launcher right inside of it. And (surprise!) Mac and Win structured very differently, so, at certain point the entire Mackie Control combination with the clip launcher had to be re developed.
      The trick is that even though a DAW is being used, with some sufficiently prepared musical material the motorized sliders, onboard transporter and the clip launcher could make it a one live system without clicking a mouse and looking at a computer screen. The development of this plugin started with a pretty vague idea and crystallized into a very exciting module with a pretty interesting concept. All the "wishful thinking" was 100% fulfilled by Source Audio. Source Audio, you're the best!!))
    • Jul 26 2020 | 8:59 am
      Source Audio, on June the 8th I asked you how could the time hold for the scene scroll be increased, you replied and I perfectly adjusted it on the old version, but it looks like some of your replies are gone)) Could you please remind me where can I increase the scenes scroll buttons holding time? Thank you!
    • Jul 26 2020 | 9:57 am
      I removed all old posts. Will also remove the rest, and if you want at the end post all relevant infos or send it by mail to you. This is location of scene scroller
      If I think that you have no visual feedback on the stage I would actually remove auto scroll and also disable counter looping, so that it stops at top or bottom. You could modify it like this :
    • Jul 27 2020 | 6:16 am
      I deleted old post because there was so much try and error correspondence going back and forth, expired download links etc nobody can benefit form that being here. You can delete whatever you want, even the whole thread. If you want to keep it, only reason would be to post some short facts, infos that could maybe help someone, and trash the rest.
    • Aug 19 2020 | 7:02 am
      Source Audio, maybe I am connecting something in a wrong way, but the Motor's pitch bend is not getting through to a Live track. Even the indicators in Live shows that it receives some data by flashing the light to the right of the word Key, but not at the regular place: the very right top indicator. The modulation wheel works with no problem, and when configured directly without the MidiFix the right top light flashes, and the pitch shift function works. The same goes for Vortex, not only the Motor.
    • Aug 19 2020 | 3:24 pm
      Both MidiFix 2 and 3 versions have no midi filter, thay simply route midiin to midiout from Roland, Motor keyboard + Mackie and Vortex to Midi Port MCtoLive. You can use Max without Live or any other software to monitor input coming from MCtoLive. As I remember you have midi ox which can do so. I hope you remember the midi channel rules , to avoid stealing of data because of Mackie protocol.
      If it is Internal Live problem, I can't help you with that. I don't remember if I sent you patches used to build both apps. Here they are :
    • Aug 20 2020 | 8:16 am
      P.S. just to make sure, I tested pitch bend routing - everything works as expected. To remind you : Mackie Control uses entire channel 1 notes and controllers, pitchbend on channels 1 - 8 and system exclusive. Any of that data will not be available for track Input. So if you keep other devices at channels 9 - 16 all but system exclusive should work. restrictions to channels 2 - 8 affect only pitch bend. I think at some point I sent you Mackie Protocol Chart as well as Live's Index showing exactly what is used for which function in Live.
    • Aug 20 2020 | 9:53 am
      Source Audio, thank you SO much for your reply! I am not sure what to look at in the Midi OX, so far I can see the difference in the 2nd column "IN": going through MidiFix it shows 7, coming directly from Motor shows 2. Port and Note: -- Status: E2 Chan: 3 Event: Pitch Bend So, not exactly sure what it is, but seems like IN is the problem.
      Now, the output window adds port value: 3 for Motor direct, and 8 for MCtoLive, but when I measure for MCtoLove loopMidi gives an error message "Feedback Detected In MCtoLive" and mutes MCtoLive port.
      Of course, the Time Stamp and Data 1 and 2 are working for In and Out, but I don't think there is a question about it.
    • Aug 20 2020 | 9:59 am
      Just set all Midi Devices except MOTOR Mackie to midi channels higher than 8. Keep Roland at ch 16 as it is programmed so in MidiFix. I am sure that will cure the problem.
    • Aug 20 2020 | 10:09 am
      Found your P.S. after I posted my reply. Let me try it on channels 9 to 16. Yep, it works!)) I didn't know about the 2 to 8 restrictions, now I do)) Actually, somehow 9 doesn't work neither, but 10, 11 do. Thank you SO much!! BTW, do you know anything about BlueTooth codes? I have some Zoom drum machine/sampler that looks so cool! But its widely advertised BlueTooth capability is made only for Mac. I contacted them and they confirmed that only for Mac (Discrimination!!)) Do you think there is anything could be done to emulate it to Windows?
    • Aug 20 2020 | 11:33 am
      I will have to digg into Mackie Protocol, maybe pbend on channel 9 is master volume. That would explain why it does not work for track input. I am sorry, but have no idea about that zoom device... Can you at least post exact model of it ? I can't imagine that BlueTooth is OS restricted
    • Aug 20 2020 | 6:39 pm
      It is Zoom ARQ 96. It has a great sound and options, but also it looks so good because of its lights that go around it with the sounds)) It comes with the base, but the circle it self has a built in BlueTooth sender which works with Mac, but does not work with windows. The Zoom said that they will look into possibility of making Windows interface, but they never got back with me on that.
    • Aug 20 2020 | 8:18 pm
      As you can see on the ARQ manual located at on the page 126 it says: Using Bluetooth LE, you can connect the Ring Controller directly to a Mac or iOS device, and use it as a MIDI controller. Strange, huh? How is it different for Windows?
    • Aug 21 2020 | 7:38 am
      That device uses Midi over Bluetooth (BLE)which indeed is problematic on Windows. There is app MidiBerry, Korg BLE driver for windows, and a lot of advices and instructions on the web if one wants to spend time on that. Korg driver can be also used for any other BLE device. Built in Bluetooth must support BLE, one can also plug a better Bluetooth Dongle if needed.
    • Aug 21 2020 | 9:18 am
      Source Audio, you are incredible!)) You know everything! Before I installed this app the built in BT connection page was showing the ARQ as an available for connection, but after a few seconds trying it was saying "Try connecting your device again later". After I installed the Korg BLE MIDI I tried to start the setups for 32 and 64, but both of them were saying: No Device Is Plugged In. Does it mean that my built in BT is not compatible and it won't be even recognized by the app, so, I must get one of the recommended dongles? I mean, is it even attempting to recognize the built in BT?
    • Aug 21 2020 | 10:15 am
      I don't know what you refer as "this app " midiberry or just the Korg Driver. There is no guarantee that Korg driver would work. There are tons of infos on that stuff working or not. You must go step by step. 1 check if yout built bluetooth driver is BLE compatible. don't ask me how to do it, ask google. 2 if not, check the list of compatible devices in Korg driver pdf file and get one dongle. 3 check the windows 10 version, as it seems that some updates break the BLE functionality. infos can be found on korg page or others 4 get that midiberry, it seems that it is only reliable solution visit the web page and read all infos. Maybe you need to uninstall the korg driver, I don't really know
      And when you test this try to avoid using multple apps at same time. That could also cause problems. ------ To use windows 10 machine on stage would mean a nightmare for me. Only totaly minimised and optimised OS, with removed support to connect to internet would be acceptable.
    • Aug 23 2020 | 7:16 am
      Source Audio, thank you so much for your reply! I did go through all your notes (of course), and I read a lot of posts from different users. BLE compatible; didn't update Windows to the May version (everything must work); installed and re installed both apps (Midiberry and the Korg BLE, and just the Korg Midi uninstallation has pretty specific functions), tried different configurations. Knowing how always straight to the point you are, any of your note you write in 2 mins I study and retry for 20 hours))) I did not get a dongle yet, but that's what I think: the apps are great, the way they are described they should do the job, but what I see in the others posts is that they have always had the "physical" BT connection which then was not interpreted into an appropriate signal to work with a DAW. I can't pair the device. The ring communicates with the base through its own BT connection, but to use just the ring as a cool looking controller it should be paired to the computer, before which it should be set to the settings mode and the Mac (iOS) button should be pressed. I do it, I do it partially, I do it differently..., the result is the same, it starts pairing and after a while says "Try again later". So, the computer's BT sees the device, (even a phone sees it)), but the pairing it self is not happening. Is there any proprietary Mac BT connection, that works only on Mac? Shouldn't be, right? A headphones, speakers, remotes, etc. work the same way for Mac and PC. Please let me know if I misunderstood anything (I hope I did)), and I should do it differently in any way.
    • Aug 23 2020 | 7:29 am
      I am sorry not to be able to help you more efficently, without having the devices it is difficult. But - do I understand properly what you are saying - the ARQ communicates with it's own base station via bluetooth? Does that base station connect to PC with USB ? Why would you then need to communicate with ARQ directly via bluetooth ?
      Or do I understand that wrong ? Maybe one has to disconnect that base station, could it be that it prevents the pairing ?
    • Aug 23 2020 | 8:30 am
      One important question remained unanswered - the bluetooth chip in your PC, is it compatible ? If you don't know how to find out, post the exact model. the disconnect after few seconds problem is typical when BT 4 or 4.2 devices try to pair with old BT 2.0 hardware.
    • Aug 27 2020 | 5:17 am
      You're right, it could be connected through the base, but I thought that since the controller has direct BT connection it would be cool to avoid the base. I did disconnect the controller from the base, the same result. Some computers have BT 4, some others BT 5, but BT 5 is backward compatible. When connecting the controller directly to a computer, the Mac mode should be chosen, at least it sounds like Mac has some differences in BT. If so, then I was wondering if there is any way to emulate those Mac BT settings in a Win.
    • Aug 27 2020 | 6:57 am
      I don't know what that Mac mode is, Midi BLT has rules , it has to publish it's usage to the host, if zoom messed with that, than I am afraid, you'll have to forget this. If you are interested, you can read a bit about that here : I have built BLE midi Arduinos using teensy, and they did work on windows 8.1 and 10. Did not like the latency and reliability, but that was not my choice but my customer's.
    • Jan 13 2021 | 1:25 am
      Source Audio, can the Motor be eliminated altogether and Roland moving through the pages (8 tracks each) by pressing MIDI mapped buttons on another controller (i.e. Vortex), where each button will move the Roland to a specific button (1/8, 9/16, 17/24, etc.) It seems like pretty much what we already have, but going through the pages not Forward and Backward, but to a specified by MIDI mapping page, right?
    • Jan 13 2021 | 8:03 am
      Hi, after all this time I have lost the picture of all dependencies and relation between app , amxd and the hardware. Could you get more specific ? What do you want me to modify : amxd or app, or both ? At the time doing this for you I had set Live on Windows and Max on Mac to simulate the real situation. I don't have that any more, so can do only changes which you exactly know that would work, and precise what exactly to program. I have no time to experiment and set that environment again. ------ P.S. you could also help by giving infos about what worked and what not, to use Mackie automation, I forgot all that, but were posting all infos at the time we were doing this. So for example if it is possible at all to jump to a fader group or one has to scroll...
    • Jan 13 2021 | 10:08 am
      just had a look at last patches posted here. As I remember, only way to switch Roland buttons to other track groups was by combining Mackie protocol, which is only controled by MOTOR. If I understand correctly, now you want to completely eliminate Mackie Protocol, and simply use multiplier for Roland buttons. That should work, but again, one would need dual midi input, 1 from Roland ctlin - as is now, AND 2nd midi controller which should send some CC values 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 etc to offset roland button outputs. What would be the midi setup and exact CC# number, channel and values ? And can that happen in live or does one need external midi routings? Please post diagram with exact infos.
    • Jan 14 2021 | 10:14 am
      You're exactly right, with this setup there will be no more need to use Mackie Protocol. Vortex can have up to 25 presets, with each preset all the sliders and pads can have completely different MIDI mapping. Each preset's 8 sliders could be assigned to a next track group, so, switching the presets back and forth will have the same function as the Motors pages scrolling. Since we got the Roland synchronized with motor's pages scrolling I thought that it should be easy to switch this functionality to the Vortex, but I forgot that Motor uses MC, which Vortex doesn't have, that's why your " That should work " sound so great!) With this setup we have exactly 2 MIDI inputs: Roland and Vortex, and they both go directly to Ableton. Vortex's software allows to change its pads to any possible kind of any CC number: Toggle with On and Of adjustable values, Momentary with Press and Release adjustable values, and Program Change with LSB and MSB adjustable values. A general CC list shows that 102 through 119 are undefined, so, we can use any of them. Will we need just 2 (forward and backward) or each tracks group will need its own separate button to be mapped? I think the channel we used before for Roland was 16, but it would be great to be able to change it later. There is one more thing: Vortex has + and - to scroll through its 25 presets, that would be just perfect to sync it with Roland, but these 2 buttons sending Pitchbend MIDI signals (both of them), and they are not even assignable in the Vortext software, so, they can't be used, right? I will try to my best ability to draw a diagram in Photoshop, but what exact infos should be included?
    • Jan 14 2021 | 11:57 am
      There is no need for complicated drawings. This needs to be answered :
      1- how do you plan to merge 2 midi sources to form number multiplier in Live ? This would be it : roland enters numbers 0 -7 and other device turns them into 0-7 / 8 -15 / 16 -23 etc
      That would need input from 2 different midi sources into Live track and new device. Then the calculated output triggers what you need it to. Believe me - I forgot all about this , and you need to give me infos as simple and as short as possible. I am taking it that I can just insert this stuff above into Scene Clip Launcher and it should do what you want... It would look like this:
      If that is so, give me also what would be exact midi input which I should convert into that bank select numbers. I can't help you with all that midi problems in Live, and don't want to strain my brain to solve that problems Also need no long infos about vortex or whatever midi devices, only midi data to be used. Midi channel is irrelevant in live tracks input, it anyway gets lost once it gets into device it is up to you to see how to merge that 2 midi streams.
    • Jan 16 2021 | 4:26 am
      Source Audio, thank you SO much for your reply!! Let's do the purple 0 to 10 numbers CC's 102 through 112. Both devices and the Live track will be on the same MIDI channel, I think it will merge them. If MIDI channels do not matter then I use CC 102 through 112 only for this.
    • Jan 16 2021 | 9:36 am
      No problem, I will do so, just keep in mind that input to the track would need to be set to accept all sources. This is what it looks like :
    • Jan 17 2021 | 6:02 am
      Perfect! Absolutely perfect!! Source Audio, you are a genius, Thank You SO much!! AND for this setup even MidiFix is not needed anymore. It was combining Motor for MC, which is not in use with this setup. Just 1 question: I am still figuring out the best use for all the buttons, just in case if I'd run out of them would it be hard to make a Forward/Backward scroll out of 2 buttons, going through the track groups of 8?
    • Jan 18 2021 | 8:05 am
      Sours Audio, thank you SO much!! It Works! The only interesting thing is that it goes through the cycle of 6: if there are only 2 pages in use it will go through them, and then there are 4 "empty" ones, then back to the 1st. If there are 7 pages it will go through the first 6, and then go back to the 1st. No matter how long I was staring at it I couldn't figure out where this 6 is coming from))
    • Jan 19 2021 | 12:15 am
      Yep!! Now it works and recognizes the number of 8 track sets!! Source Audio, Thank You SO much!! There is 1 liiitle thing, it was with both versions, but I was not sure if maybe I am doing something wrong: when the plugin is just open and any one of the buttons is pressed for the first time then nothing happens (no shifts in 8 track pages), when ANY one of 2 buttons pressed for the 2nd time everything starts working from that point on. I wouldn't be a too big of a deal, but as you know I don't have a monitor in front of me, so, it is a little confusing.
    • Jan 19 2021 | 8:51 am
      It can only relate to counter object. Try this one , if more banks are available inc should immediately recall bank 1 dec the last bank If bank buttons are not executed, on start roland should recall tracks in bank 0
    • Jan 20 2021 | 6:47 am
      Perfect!!! Source Audio, Thank you SO much!!!)))