need help with

    Oct 18 2019 | 12:35 pm
    Hello, I have a problem with I created a gpu particle system which work with and to process coordinates and they are sent to via I would like to inject in the system some models (.dae) I created with blender, just inject their coordinates. My plan do that is outputing coordinates of with matrixoutput 1 and put is in a And here start problems. - First, output a one dimension matrix, and I need to put it in a @dim 1000 1000. But I think I found a solution in this thread ( - Second problem, my model have a lot of points, something like 500 000 points so it output a 500 000 one dimension matrix . And max crash when I connect that to
    Well I hope this is enough clear, to summarize what I want is to put the coordinates of my big model inside a Maybe there is a trick, like use another format for the model which can output a 2dmatrix? Maybe I need to change my strategy, I don't know, do you have advices?
    Thank you very much :)

    • Oct 22 2019 | 5:20 pm
      i would just use jit.scanwrap:
    • Oct 25 2019 | 1:17 pm
      yes... this is the solution. Thank you Rob :)