New Post Graduate Studies in “Staging and Digital Technologies” in Barcelona

    Jun 21 2019 | 12:56 pm
    Dear Maxers,
    After a long time of researching and preparation work we are finally ready to present the Post Graduate Studies Staging and Digital Technologies / Escenificación y Tecnología Digital at the Instut Del Teatre in Barcelona.
    Starting with an intense course this fall and taking fully off in January 2020.
    Within the program you will able to chose between two different trajectories. One will focus on working with images and light, the other on sound/composition and interaction.
    For us it was especially important to closely link aspects of creation and reflection with the technical education. We’d like you to study, not just to learn! It will be a space where you can deepen and develop your own artistic language and learn about technologies.
    The first part will focus on lectures and seminars, in the second part you will be realising your own (collaborative) project/investigation.
    And yes, Max will be part of it as well :)
    I am very proud of the lineup of teachers and collaborating institutions we managed to get involved.
    Teaching/working languages will be Spanish/Catalan and English.
    Check out this link for more details.
    Foto: I. Chourrau
    Foto: I. Chourrau
    On a very personal note:
    The tuition fee is unfortunately notable. I wouldn’t say that from a “product point of view” it is too expensive. BUT: Education is not and must not be a product! I am not happy with this at all. From my own experience I know the importance of free education and I wouldn't be where I am without it. It is/should be a right to everyone and even the quality of education usually improves when the price drops. My clear goal for the future is to improve that situation. (And there are ideas.)
    At this moment in time, for various reasons, there was no other way to get started. At one point in time I/we had to take the decision whether to drop the project or go with the compromise. For me it was a really tough one. I finally decided to stay on board, taking into account that the probably only way to change the system in this/our situation is to show that we can do it, and we can do it better….