Node Error : Max API Message Request timed out


    Alex Guillard
    Sep 07 2021 | 10:30 pm
    Hello there,
    I have some kind of problems with the Node API for Max. Recently, I created a way to communicate in TCP with 2 Max applications installed on 2 different computers. To do that, I just use a Node JS server and client, with the node.script object. Everything works fine actually and I can communicate between the 2 computers, except that sometimes, after a while, the Node Max API gives me this timeout error : Max API Message Request timed out. id: u52248380302 Error: Max API Message Request timed out. id: u52248380302 at makeError (C:\Users\XXX\max_project\resources\packages\Node For Max\source\lib\api\index.js:9:14) at Timeout._onTimeout (C:\Users\XXX\max_project\resources\packages\Node For Max\source\lib\api\index.js:178:12) at listOnTimeout (internal/timers.js:531:17) at processTimers (internal/timers.js:475:7)
    I tried to increase the time before timeout in the index.js file, but nothing helps. When I start to use the client/server, I bombard with messages, but it doesn't crash. It's only after a while that it does that... Has anyone ever encountered this problem and know where it may be coming from ?
    Thanks in advance! Alex

    • Florian Demmer's icon
      Florian Demmer
      Oct 29 2021 | 12:22 pm
      Hi Alex. Thanks for the report.
      This usually is due to heavy back pressure on the communication between the two processes. Would you mind getting in touch with support and include the relevant pieces of your patch / JS code if possible? Feel free to reference me so that they can forward it if needed.
      We are considering options for eventually making this easier to handle for the user by slightly adjusting the API behaviour so every data point about you experiences like your is helpful and appreciated. But meanwhile I'm happy to check your project and see if there are maybe some adjustments that could already help.
      Thanks Florian
    • Joe X Med O''s icon
      Joe X Med O''s icon
      Joe X Med O'
      Apr 20 2023 | 10:18 pm
      Hi, I'm having the same issue... Is there any configuration or something that could help max handle heavy communication with Node? Could logging to the console a lot be a reason for this crash?