o.io.leap (leap motion) background focus

    Mar 15 2016 | 3:39 pm
    Hey Forum --
    I'm using the Leap Motion controller and the CNMAT o.io.leap object. It works really well (thanks CNMAT!). One problem, though: when I move the focus from Max/MSP to another application, it stops receiving data from the Leap controller. I have the "send data to background apps" configured with the main Leap Motion app, but it still doesn't seem to work.
    I did notice this on the Leap developer forum:
    "Any application that wants to receive frames of data in the background must set the Background Frames policy. You can set policy flags with the setPolicyFlags()"
    I wonder, is this not set for the o.io.leap object? Max/MSP seems to happily continue working in the background when focus is moved (i.e. a metro will keep on metro-ing), but the Leap data doesn't flow. I'm trying to use it with the wekinator to learn various gestures.
    brad music.columbia.edu/~brad