objectmappings in Max projects / Max for Live

    Jun 07 2021 | 7:50 am
    Some packages bundle together multiple classes into a single .mxo / .mxe and use an object mappings file to alias specific classes to this file.
    I'm wondering how / whether it's possible to get this mechanism to work in the context of a .maxproj or .amxd. I've tried
    • simply including the objectmappings text file for that package in the device
    • using the open actions text file to send the messages mapping mesages to Max:
    ;max objectfile foo bar but no luck.
    The messages to Max in the open actions seem to happen after boxes have been created (?) . I guess I could refactor stuff to try and dynamically load my main patch after a delay, but this doesn't fill me with joy so I'm hoping I've just missed something obvious. (As the developer of some aliased externals, if there's some better practice I should adopt that makes it easier to distribute such things, I'd be all ears...)

    • Jul 16 2022 | 3:15 pm
      I'd like to know this too if there is anyone from C74 who can comment.
    • Jul 17 2022 | 2:57 pm
      I had this situation once with xsample externals, which also need mappings. No problem in standalone , but for m4l device, one would have to place mappings file into Max installation, which is difficult to automate, because live could use bundled or external max version, could be installed anywhere etc. But renaming xsample.mxo to xgroove~.mxo (one of aliased externals) solved the problem, and all 3 aliased externals : xrecord~, xgroove~and xplay~ load and function in amxd with no need for any mappings file . I had this thought, after trying similar - to postpone loading of patch with externals, after loadbanging map messages, which did not work well.