[Paid Gig] Jitter Expert Needed (Los Angeles area)

    Mar 07 2017 | 7:40 am
    Greetings. I’m looking for a Jitter expert in Los Angeles who could take a few hours (or more if necessary) to go over my project and help me optimize & bug-proof it. I'm a bit desperate; we have a performance coming up next month at REDCAT (https://www.redcat.org/event/29-spacetime), and the Max project I’ve built for it is pretty extensive. While the project mostly runs nicely, I’m now having the kinds of problems (error messages, freezes and crashes) that disappear when I try to isolate a small part of a patch; they only seem to happen when they’re part of the larger project. This makes these problems difficult to troubleshoot, because posting an example here and saying “I’m having vague intermittent crashes, has anyone else had this problem” doesn’t seem to get very far.
    The project is mostly dealing with video and OpenGL objects, makes extensive use of the pattr system (autopattr, pattrstorage), and has a Mira control component. It’s been completely rewritten for Max 7 and it’s fairly well organized and documented (well, for me anyway). I don’t think there’s anything in it that’s particularly esoteric or complex; in fact the project consists mostly of video playback, with multiple movies being composited together in real time.
    Most of the problems I’m having (error messages and crashes) go away when Max is restarted, so they’re really hard to track down. They seem to be mostly due to Max getting confused about (of course, I’m just guessing here) render paths, buffers, running out of memory, and preset anomalies.
    I'm also having some serious problems with blend modes, materials, transparency, layers, alpha channels, lighting, etc. These are longstanding problems, which I've posted about numerous times over the years, with decidedly mixed results.
    In any case, I think the most productive solution would be to find an expert who could sit down with me and go over the program piece by piece, alert me to better and more up-to-date methods and approaches, and point out all the dumb errors that I’m sure I’m making. This would be a paid gig, and if there’s nobody appropriate here in LA, I would consider flying to SF. Normally I would consider working remotely, but due to the nature of the problems and the time constraints I'm under, I really need to work with someone in person.
    If this all makes sense to you, and if you think you could help, and if you're available (this week), please email (perryhoberman at gmail dot com) and we can try to set something up.