Play a video with alpha channel over another video

    Jun 01 2020 | 12:19 pm
    I have a video file that looks like the Achievement unlocked graphic for xbox. It is an Mov file with alpha channel because I want the background to be invisible, but Max won't play it saying it doesn't like the codec. How can I play a video that has an alpha channel in Max, and how can I play this movie overtop another video? Thanks

    • Jun 01 2020 | 2:54 pm
      you've left out several important bits of info in order for us to help. what OS? what version of Max? what video engine (if not using the default)? what codec and format is the video file?
      If you're on a Mac and using the default avf video engine, then you should try using the viddll engine instead as it support far more codecs than Mac. to do this instantiate your with an engine arg: [ @engine viddll @output_texture 1 ] (output_texture should always be enabled unless you specifically need matrix processing).
      if the codec supports alpha channels, then will output it. to display it you can use the object. your patch should be [ ] -> [ ] and include a [ ] object to mange the window and context. if the alpha channel is working you should see the's @erase_color in the transparent sections of the movie frame (grey by default).