Presentation Mode reducing GL frame rate.

    Apr 16 2018 | 6:35 pm
    Hi All,
    I updated to Max 7 in November and I’ve been migrating based work from Max 6 and consolidating it into a fairly large project.
    The project is aimed at a general user base, so I’ve been aiming for a more polished interface than we might use in our pragmatic personal patches. The issue that I’m having is that switching to Presentation Mode reduces my frame-rate by as much as half (from a solid 60fps in patching mode to as low as 30fps). Furthermore, interacting with the various umenu objects further reduces my frame rate to a crawl.
    The odd thing is, even when I have all of my sub-patches open, which you’d expect would represent a greater strain given the greater number of visible objects being drawn, I still see a solid 60fps in patching mode. I would have thought that the opposite would be the case, and that Presentation Mode would reduce processing load.
    Jitter wise, everything is on the GPU and the actual GL chain is fairly simple (just 2 objects and a modest string of objects for further processing) - much of the complexity comes from the modulation options and preset system . As I said, it’s a large project with a complex set of dependencies and search paths, so it’s difficult to share, but the images below illustrate my issue. Could anyone shed some light on this? Many thanks.
    Frame Rate difference between patching and presentation mode + umenu issue.
    Solid 60fps in patching mode