Problems combining jit.pwindow,, zoomfactor, and bpatcher

    Feb 12 2022 | 6:49 pm
    Greetings, has anybody else encountered this? Any suggestions are welcome!
    I have a jit.pwindow that is rendering some gridsphapes. I am using I manage some user interactions with the gridshapes. I put this whole assembly into a bpatcher.
    Now I want to change the zoomfactor of the bpatcher by sending "zoomfactor $1" to [thispatcher] inside the bpatcher. Changing the zoomfactor of the bpatcher occasionally (not always) causes to become unresponsive.
    I know this is a convoluted setup, but it would allow my patch to be pretty resilient to window resizes. If "zoomfactor $1" is driven by the window size the jitter image can scale as the user expands or shrinks the window according to their preference. If everything is in the top level patcher, things work alright, but bpatcher is pretty indispensable .
    Thanks for any advice!