Restart curve~ ramp from a specific value?


    Francesco Lai
    May 28 2023 | 2:41 pm
    Hi everyone, I'm working on a patch that lets the user automate the spatialization of some sources in spat; everything works fine and I have a subpatch that controls the xyz of every source correctly (function goes to curve~ which sends the list of xyz to spat.oper); the problem is that whenever you pause the playback of the track and select a specific portion of it, the curve~ stops being coordinated with the playback. I already did some pause/resume functions but what I want is that whenever I select i.e. the millisecond 22.000 as selection point on the waveform~ object, the curve~ resume its playing from there. Is it possible?
    I've already tried messages like "resume $1" and "start $1" but didn't work. Here's an example of how the subpatch works for a track. Thanks in advance!
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      May 28 2023 | 10:06 pm
      Hi Francesco imho i should not use curve~ and stay outside of time domain. Find the ms playing outside of the patch. i added a multislider to see and command by hand the xy. And a line $1 to waveform. ( my patch isn' t cleaned.. sorry ) hth michel
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      Francesco Lai
      May 28 2023 | 11:47 pm
      Hi Michel, this actually helps a lot! That's what I was looking for. Less CPU usage, sync with playback and also no limit output (I discovered in the meanwhile that curve~ has a limit of 32767 points, which was a problem cause I want to make a real-time recording of the automations). Thank you!