RTSP not working?

    Jan 12 2022 | 10:54 pm
    I've been trying to get RTSP working but it seems to freeze after one or two seconds. Currently running Max 8.2 with viddll selected as the video engine. Simple test patch attached.

    • Jan 13 2022 | 2:46 pm
      seems to work fine over here. possibly a network issue?
    • Jan 13 2022 | 3:56 pm
      I've tried it on different networks as well as different versions of Max across PCs and Intel Macs. It always seems to freeze after a second or two. RTSP streaming works fine in VLC and OBS, though, so that makes me thing that there is something going on in Max.
    • Jan 13 2022 | 9:17 pm
      Patch works here too (Win 10).
    • Jan 14 2022 | 3:38 pm
      if jit.movie isn't working for you than I would recommend using OBS and sending to Max via NDI or Spout. On Mac the workflow I would use is OBS-NDI output -> NDISyphon -> jit.gl.syphonclient
      On windows you can simply use Spout out of OBS.