Sending/receiving audio from smartphone

    Jan 06 2016 | 3:12 pm
    Hi everyone.
    I’m quite new in Max environment but I have a hard task that it’s really tricky… I’ve got to connect a smartphone application that generate music with Max MSP, in order to integrate it in any DAW (with m4l is quite easy, but for the others it will be better to extract a standalone application of the patch) and send/receive message as a vst.
    I’ve just tried OSC applications that doesn’t work (Touch OSC has a prize, I need a free app for business strategies). Also sending data with udp it’s not possible since I’ve got any skill in Java. I tried a computer-to-computer network but the phone doesn’t recognise it…
    If you have a solution on this I’ll be forever thankful.
    Cheers, Emilio