set dict/coll object name with variable

    Sep 16 2021 | 4:43 pm
    Hi, I have a patch that reads json data into a dict object (via js). I would like to be able to copy/clone that dict to a new dict (or coll would suffice) using naming variables from a counter. My desired output is: a metro reads gets dataset into a 'primary' dict, then that dict gets copied to "dictname-1", before the metro triggers again and the next dataset is read into the primary dict, which then gets copied to "dictname-2", etc. The part I'm stuck on is how to pass variable names ("dictname-1, dictname-2, etc.) INTO a dict or coll object to create the new dict/coll object. Any help is much appreciated!

    • Sep 16 2021 | 6:31 pm
      Away from keyboard. What happens if you open the inspector of your [dict], select the parameter with its name and then click the "+" button at the bottom of the insoector ?
    • Sep 16 2021 | 7:38 pm
      @schlam wonderful! This does what I need. I am able to precede the "name" object paramter with a dict.unpack to grab one of the dict values which then passes into the "name" object parameter as the new dict name. Most excellent. Thanks so much!