snapshots in max for live

    Jun 06 2016 | 2:15 pm
    Have a question about expected behavior with snapshots in Max4Live - specifically with vst~ objects. When adding a snapshot (either in the max patcher or through javascript) it seems to always embed that snapshot into the amxd file. Setting the embed state to zero has no effect. As a result - these snapshots are only available in that amxd file and are not created in the snapshots folder with the Max 7 folder in documents - and are therefore not available to other instances of the same vst~.
    Additionally - since you cannot save a amxd from within Live, any snapshot created is not remembered even in that patcher instance after that session has been closed. Again, I suspect this because the snapshots are set to automatically embed, and then the patcher isn't saved, so the data is lost.
    Is this expected behavior and if so, any workaround?
    var abby = this.patcher.getnamed("abby"); var abbyAPI; function showMe(){ if(abbyAPI==undefined){ abbyAPI = new SnapshotAPI("abby"); } for(i=0;i abbyAPI.setembedsnapshot(i,0) post(abbyAPI.getsnapshotname(i)); post(); } }
    function new(name){ if(abbyAPI==undefined){ abbyAPI = new SnapshotAPI("abby"); } var num = abbyAPI.getnumsnapshots(); abbyAPI.snapshot(num,name); abbyAPI.setembedsnapshot(num,0); }