Something strange with

    Oct 13 2017 | 6:50 pm
    Hi all, I'm using after a while, so I may be doing something wrong... but I'm having some issues when applying materials to They seem to show only some pixels of the diffuse texture.
    Also, when opening default assets, such as duck.dae, the models appears without any texture (see image below)
    compare the expected material and the result on the model
    and here's the patch.
    Anyone with the same problem? Mac OS Sierra, Macbook Pro with NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M

    • Oct 13 2017 | 7:18 pm
      Ok, thrashing the prefs and reinstalling Max gave me back the yellow duck ;) I still have the issue of correctly mapping of the diffuse textures via, but now it is most likely related to my ignorance!
      Welcome back, yellow duck!