Storing and recalling dictionaries with [pattrstorage]

    Jun 08 2020 | 2:42 pm
    Hi folks,
    I wanted to share a simple patch with all of you, which shows that [pattrstorage] doesn’t do very well with dictionaries. Dictionaries are the only way in Max to build hierarchical data structures. so I love them and use them all over the place. However [pattrstorage] doesn’t dump out dictionaries correctly in response to the ‘dump’ message, nor retrieves them correctly in response to the ‘getstoredvalue’ message. Is that a known bug/limitation of [pattrstorage]? Any way around it?
    If I connect a [pattr] object to a dictionary the dictionary gets stored and recalled correctly. However it cannot be interpolated. Even though I see how this stems from the type of entity that a dictionary is, it would be very nice to be able to interpolate hierarchical presets saved in dictionaries for example and more generally dictionaries as hierarchical data structures.
    Any comments on that? Thanks.
    - Luigi