SVG image manipulation in GUI external

    Jul 07 2020 | 3:50 pm
    Hi folks,
    I am working on a GUI external which needs some simple SVG image manipulation.
    Specifically in the “paint” method:
    1) get a graphic context 2) apply a matrix transform to the context 3) load an SVG image from disk and display it 4) change its alpha channel (opacity)
    It seems that the facilities provided by the current Max SDK 8.0.3 do not offer a way to combine these 4 operations together.
    the functions to load and display an SVG image that I am using are:
    jsvg_render() which doesn’t support changing the alpha channel
    jgraphics_draw_jsvg() which ignores any transformation applied to the graphic context
    Does anybody know how to accomplish the above? Thanks
    - Luigi