Unload Plug-In from vst~

    Jul 15 2019 | 12:17 pm
    I've read on this forum that sending a bogus plug message (e.g. plug none, plug "no plugin", etc..) will clear the currently loaded plugin from the vst~ object. However this functionality seems to not be present in Max 8.0.6. For example, I do the following: 1. (plug) message to [vst~], pick a vst plugin 2. (open) message to [vst~], see plugin has loaded 3. close plugin window. 4. (plug none) message to [vst~] 5. (open) message to [vst~], plugin is still loaded.
    Is there anyway to unload a vst plugin from vst~?
    Many thanks for any help.

    • Aug 11 2019 | 9:35 pm
      I have the same problem (Max 8.08) -- sending a bogus plug message no longer clears [vst~]. Is there any solution to this problem?
    • Aug 13 2019 | 5:59 am
      1. use something like mda delay as your personal default plug-in and load this instead of nothing - maybe rename it to "bogus" :) 2. or script-recreate the vst object / reload it in a bpatcher patcher.