viewing and editing subpatchers shortcut

    Oct 19 2020 | 9:53 am
    Hi c74 peeps, The option click on menu bar of subpatchers doesn’t seem to work. It‘s not pulling down a drop menu of parent patchers. like it claims here. I had not seen this shortcut option before. it would help with the workflow. (Even better would be a quick key to reach upper level parents .

    • Oct 19 2020 | 5:04 pm
      I Agree!
      the way Phiol describes it should work would be more helpful than the way it does now, at most when i try right-mouse-button click on the title bar(it says option-click, but currently on mac, i think this is actually a command-click), it gives me the file path in folders, but to find parents from the actual patch opened would be great for the workflow, this only works for saved abstractions:
      (also, just a sidenote, the link referred to is a Max5 version of the docs, and if you click the link at the top of the page to get to the most current version, it gives you this page which no longer has any of the feature described at all: since the feature still somewhat exists, maybe it can be added back into the docs(and described more properly)?)
      alternately, i tried opening up the 'transratio' abstraction(and with the parent-patcher "kazoo.maxpat" still open, i used the "Find" dialog to search 'transratio'(but i did it while within the modify-read-only version of the transratio-abstraction itself), it doesn't find all open instances of transratio, maybe the 'find'/search engine could be extended to find everything using the same name which is currently used or open from within a max patch - this would be another way to get that info. for our workflow)
    • Nov 01 2020 | 9:43 pm
      Or Basically a quickkey top go up a level (to parent patcher) and a quickkey to go down a level . This would help a ton for workflow speed . or the dropdown menu thing mentioned would help so much.
      My present workaround is that I put an null inlet in the upper left corner of my every patcher , that way when you double click it you go up a level.
      Also , an option that when you enter a subpatcher it doesn’t open a floating window of that patcher. I always end up with 10-20 floating windows
      I just want to enter and leave the rabbit holes quickly not open them.