Vizzie Recordr issue with Slidr effect.

    Jun 01 2020 | 5:11 am
    I have a very simple patch using Vizzie modules going to a Recordr module, to record some real-time video manipulation with effects.
    For some reason every time I use the effect "Slidr" in my signal path, I am not able to record, and I get the following message: "only char type matrices supported". Sending a screenshot attached.
    As far as I know, Vizzie modules accept both matrix and texture inputs.
    I'm a beginner in this thing and appreciate any help.
    (using a Macbook Pro 2015, max 8.1.4 and Vizzie 2.1.0)
    Thanks, Alex

    • Jun 01 2020 | 6:18 am
      Beginning with Vizzie 2.1. The texture is the default mode. My first question would be whether you've updated your version of Vizzie in the Package Manager.
      The other question would involve whether or not you've got your jit.playlist set to output textures using the @output_texture 1 attribute.
    • Jun 01 2020 | 3:04 pm
      Hi Alexandre, I can see where the issue is here and we'll get it fixed up. In the meantime you can workaround this issue by inserting a [ @adapt 0 @type char @dim your_width your_height ] in the chain directly before the RECORDR module.
      In the future, please paste in a copy-compressed version of your patch in your post so we can quickly diagnose and offer help.
    • Jun 01 2020 | 6:02 pm
      Thanks Max and Rob for your quick reply.
      Max, to answer your questions, yes I did update Vizzie in the Package Manager. I did not set jit.playlist to output textures (using @output_texture 1). If I do that, the image in the viewr object appears frozen.
      Rob, I tried the workaround you suggested but all I get is a blank image in the viewr. I'm sending my patch now, could you please have a look? (I'm learning, thanks for your patience :D)
      Cheers, Alex
    • Jun 02 2020 | 12:54 am
      I think Rob forgot the render context name. Try: [ ##vzgctx## @adapt 0 @type char @dim 1280 720] It did work for me, but with 1920 1080 it crashed Max...
    • Jun 02 2020 | 2:15 am
      Hi Pedro,
      Thanks for that. With the context name on I was able to record fine, event at 1920 1080! For some reason I can only record in prores 422 or h264, the codec prores 4444 won't work. But hey, that's a non-issue at this point.
      I really appreciate your help.
      Um abraço, Alex
    • Jun 02 2020 | 10:05 am
      I think that the problem with ProRes 4444 is that you're also recording an alpha channel. If you preview the movie in Finder (Quick Look / Space), you'll see that the video is transparent, not black. You would have to also explicitly configure the alpha channel to fully opaque. Since you don't seem to need the alpha channel (16 bit), I think you're better off with ProRes 422.
      Um abraço! (have you ever been to Portugal?)