VST Issues (~vst)

    Aug 13 2019 | 3:56 pm
    Dear All,
    Just a quick query to ask whether anyone has had similar experiences when using the ~vst object with .dll (VST 2.4) or .vst3 plug-ins. It appears that when attempting to use .vst3 plugins (example built from VST3 SDK - Steinberg), Max 8 exits if the controls on the GUI are altered (too much?)...
    Details (I am sure more will be required in due course): i) vst3 build is 64-bit ii) OS: Windows 10 iii) Max version 8.0.8
    Have a go with the plug-in file (unzip to recover .vst3 file)
    - do you have the same problem?!
    My thanks and very best, Steve