wacom tablets not working on standalone apps from max 8.1.6

    Sep 22 2020 | 5:01 pm
    Im unable to get my wacom tablet to work with standalones. Ive been running up against this for a while and I've made posts asking about this problem from various other angles as I try to understand it- I'm running on a mac 10.15.5 using the current max 8.1.6 and the most recent wacom driver 6.3.40-2 The standalone app simply won't interact with the tablet at all. It's like there's an invisible barrier between the app and the mouse cursor when it's being controlled by the tablet. I can use the tablet fine when inside of MaxMSP. Even apps without wacom support will allow me to use the tablet as a mouse (like an ftp client or a text editor or a game), I can't wrap my head around why even the basic point and click functionality would break here-- The tablet works with standalone built with previous versions of Max, but only until I codesign them with hardened runtime, then I get the same problem. Any insight here would be deeply appreciated.