Webcam Grab - Color & Position Analyzing - Mapping to Live objects - Ableton freezes

    Mar 21 2019 | 12:01 pm
    Hey Everyone, I'm quite new here, so I'll try to explain my problem with this small experience and if anything is not understandable, just tell me and I will try to explain better :)
    The main problem I have, is that my M4L-Patch kind of freezes Ableton although my Notebook should be able to handly it, I guess ( , Windows 10, 64bit). I am not sure, what causes the freezing, and I want to find out. I noticed some things like "watchpoint" "debugging", but I have no idea whether this is something that could help me here. And if so, how exactly?
    The Patch takes the image of a Webcam (Logitech C920) and analyzes it for 4 different colours. I have glowing juggling balls in 4 colors and I want to be able to control parameters in Live by moving these balls in X- and Y-Axis. Therefore, I made subpatches, to analyze the different colors, locate them with findbounds and map them to some Live parameters. Now the patch sometimes runs smoothly but then again, especially with setting an higher resolution of the webcam the patch kind of freezes: "Kind of" meaning that the jit.window(-mirror of the webcam) still does what it is supposed to do, even without lagging - but I can't click on anything in Live, cause it's frozen. (Sound also continues normally) Only way to "unfreeze" it, is to manually unplug the sound interface to interrupt it.
    Anyway you can help me or give me some tips?
    I can also upload the project. (If I find out how :)
    Thanks in advance ;)