Window Position with multiple displays causes crash.

    Mar 14 2019 | 6:45 am
    Using Windows 10 and Max 8. Same patch works with Windows 10 and Max 7.0. Simply using position to place a window onto a second monitor causes MAX to crash. Poof, just disappears. Same problem, two different laptops. Anybody having similar problems? Is this the proper way to get a second screen to open, by positioning it to the secondary output and then fullscreen?
    Kind of a pain right now because I built a theater performance patch in 8.0, and if it crashes I would have to visibly drag three screens to different monitors and then fullscreen them. Looking for any quick feedback. I'll file a bug report if it isn't something anybody else is experiencing/or me having wrong expectations of how to start a second display.

    • Mar 14 2019 | 2:05 pm
      first step is to send me a simple patch and exact steps to reproduce the crash including display setup and system and GPU specs.