Would you like to explore something new? It's Wiki time.

    Nov 22 2012 | 5:34 pm
    Welcome to opening day of the Cycling '74 Wiki. You'll find it here:
    Your Cycling '74 forum ID can be used to log you into the Wiki. Logging in allows you to add or edit existing content. Please let us know if you have any problems logging on.
    What’s currently in the Wiki, anyway? There are a few things present already:
    * The 20 Objects curriculum that we've used successfully in workshop and classroom settings [a similar approach that focuses on devices rather than concepts is under development, as you'll note].
    * You'll find a completely new MSP tutorial developed by Luke DuBois that more closely resembles the conceptual organization of the updated Max tutorials released with Max version 5.
    * A set of refpage extensions for each and every Max/MSP/Jitter object intended to serve as a repository of information not included in the standard online refpages – more (or more specific) examples of an object's use, tips and tricks, searches for third-party equivalents, and even an experimental Amazon-style "People who used this object also like...." intended to create links that are more related to larger concepts than the function of a single specific object. Take a look at the extended refpage for the counter object as an example of how those pages might look.
    Although we hope you'll find some interesting new content there, the website is something that we felt strongly should, over time, be user-driven. To that end, we've made very few decisions about what content should be present. Some of what is there is a response to customer requests (e.g., the inclusion of our "Javascript in Max" documentation).
    We'd appreciate your feedback, and you should, of course, feel free to add content of your own. We've tried to provide a "quickstart guide" to formatting for the Wiki (you'll find it on the front page).

    • Nov 22 2012 | 7:23 pm
      Wow. What a great initiative. It's going to be like the Babel Fish some day, mind-bogglingly useful.
    • Nov 22 2012 | 10:06 pm
      Hey, I feel a little ashamed that my first contribution to this is a list of known bugs, but even if i don't know a lot of them (one is not a lot !...), i know there are some, and such a list can be useful - saving a lot of time - moreover in a wiki manner, cause such things evolve quickly usually. (https://cycling74.com/wiki/index.php?title=known_bugs)
    • Nov 23 2012 | 12:00 am
      looks nice but i think there should be a category for "MSP" too.
    • Nov 23 2012 | 12:03 am
      using the forum log/pass tells me no such username (tried both name and email)
    • Nov 23 2012 | 2:45 am
      as well as a bug list, a feature request page would be a useful reference too
    • Nov 23 2012 | 8:47 am
      This is good.. thanks for doing this. Could this be used as a place to store clippings and solutions to typical problems?
    • Nov 23 2012 | 9:16 am
      This has been needed for a long time. Time to start recording your knowledge people!
    • Nov 23 2012 | 3:43 pm
      @Roman: the term Max is now inclusive. Feel free to use MSP or Jitter in titles, but it's all Max.
      @Grizzle: Yes, clippings and solutions to common problems would be great. It is one of the things that we envisioned the extended refpage section to do. Since it's all searchable, I would tend to put things there unless I were working at some kind of meta-level, in which case I might consider creating a large and multifaceted tutorial that referenced those other pages.
      @Terry and @vichug: Feel free to add what you consider to be useful. Perhaps you could assist those who walk the Wiki garden paths (and myself as well) by tending that portion of a list of "known issues" or "feature requests" if you create them. If something is fixed that you've asked about or a feature you requested is added, it would be appreciated if you removed your entries. In the meanwhile, I'm going to add some headings to the "Known Issues" pages that group things by category, if you don't mind.
      Keep in mind that I am merely the soul who tends the garden rather than the one who does all the planting. :-)
    • Nov 23 2012 | 7:53 pm
      The extension refpages are based around objects. I was thinking of something based more around techniques. Something like I outlined below or even maybe patches, video's. If anybody made a tutorial covering a specific topic it could be also posted in the wiki. Would that be possible/useful?
      Effects: -----Distortion: ----------Valve Distortion: https://cycling74.com/forums/valve-distortion ----------Waveshaping Distortion: https://cycling74.com/tools/stkr-waveshaping/ ----------DC Offset Distortion: https://cycling74.com/forums/distortionsaturation-effect -----Reverbs: -----Etc:
    • Nov 23 2012 | 9:13 pm
      Good idea !!
    • Nov 23 2012 | 11:17 pm
      bug reports or feature requests are forms of communication, and a wiki should be for storing information and files only. or maybe i am wrong. we must, however, take care that we do not copy the forums.
      the tags for linking to references pages seems overkill. otoh i wonder if it could be done and be useful that words like "cycle~" or "abs" will just automatically link to their ref pages?
      p.s.: @all: creating accounts is currently admin only^^
    • Nov 24 2012 | 4:43 am
      the page known bugs is better like this indeed and it's more suited as a wiki page imho, cause when you think you have a bug you can just check this page to know if it's you or if it's not just you probably anyone who spots a bug is due to tell the wiki when it's corrected ? it can work well like this ?
    • Nov 24 2012 | 6:37 pm
      Aha, this is great! Finally a centralized place to refer too instead of looking up old posts all the time.
      For a quite a while now I've been wanting to start a forum thread for collecting Jitter/OpenGL rendering (optimization) techniques, from basic to advanced. This wiki is way better suited for this. Will try and set this up in the near future!
    • Dec 01 2012 | 6:58 am
      Max and Technology
      [+] Max And Jamoma
      Any takers?
      I know those guys have their own setup, but but centralisation . . . wiki wiki (wiki wiki). That sort of thing.
    • Dec 01 2012 | 9:41 pm
      It's funny how this is made towards the end of my semester of learning Max. This would have been so much more useful in August. Haha.
    • Dec 02 2012 | 12:38 pm
      end of semester but start of a life-long journey, no? ;)
    • Dec 03 2012 | 9:49 pm
      Great! I have a suggestion for this section, since I can't seem to edit it: [+] MIDI Self-interested-ly, I have to ask: I'm not sure why brand names are in there - why not "OSC"?
      Max Interfaces [+] DMX [+] Kinect [+] Lemur [+] Monome
    • Dec 04 2012 | 12:30 am
      I'm not sure if it's the reason for brandnames versus OSC . . . but there's OSC and there's non-spec implementations of OSC by various vendors.
      Not meaning to call any of the listed vendors out on this, they could all be 100% in-spec for all I know. It's just something I became aware of recently, reading of unexpected behaviour re: OSC messaging between one thing and another.
      Vague, no? :P
    • Dec 04 2012 | 12:37 am
      Hey! ^*That*'s the sort of thing that might be handy to include in . . . say, a wiki or something.
      You know . . . backed by proper research and straight with the facts or somesuch.
    • Dec 04 2012 | 6:27 pm
      @Peter, the "Interfaces" suggestion is a listing of physical interfaces, and would include patches related to the specific physical interface. A general discussion of OSC would fall under the Max and Technology section, as would MIDI.
      A new series of pages has just been planted and watered - the Max Cookbook.
      Some of you might find the content familiar.
      bonsai, Max
    • Dec 04 2012 | 9:30 pm
      Ok, so I could create a page and add [[Category:MaxWith]] and it would show up there. Is MIDI even a technology any more? I mean, it's from the 80's! DId they even have technology back then?
    • Dec 05 2012 | 2:28 am
      @ Peter :D
      Max > Arduino > More Arduinos > Tesla Coil > 80s hair
      Max For Live Aid
    • Dec 12 2012 | 10:10 am
      I have translated (and updated) to French language the text "Event Priority in Max (Scheduler vs. Queue)" for my students.
      Wouldn't the Wiki be the right place to share it ? Any idea where to put it ? I'd appreciate if anyone else whose mother language is also French and with a bit of experience in Max programming could read it before publishing. Please PM me.