[share] The Mandolinorian

    Oct 13 2021 | 5:00 am
    yet another self-generating patch piece... you load it up, turn on audio, hit the start button, and then listen and watch until you get tired of it πŸ˜‡ here's a video demoing how the patch plays:


    i made up a story behind the title:
    The Mandolinorian is a mandolin player from the planet of Mandalore. This song tells the sad tale of how the Mandolinorian lost a mandolin in the great war of Mandalore. The Mandolinorian was not a fighter, did not fight in the war, simply fell asleep in the middle of it and upon awakening, found their mandolin purloined. Ever since, The Mandolinorian has been weeping in agony and searching desperately for their precious mandolin every day.. in fact, it has been so long that the Mandolinorian has been searching far and wide, away from Mandalore, and without mandolin, that these days, The Mandolinorian is no longer known as The Mandolinorian, but just as 'some random dude'. Thus ends the sad tale of The Mandolinorian.
    what's that you ask? what do the visuals have to do with The Mandolinorian(aside from the fact that i was just making a quick thing to go with the sounds)? well, you see, our beloved Seymour was The Mandolinorian(until he became just some random dude named Seymour), and here he is walking all across the universe through worm holes in order to find his mandolin. that's just what it looks like when you walk through worm holes: like your body is stretched out into a disgusting gizzard-like set of molecules that twitch to an awkward beat. now you know πŸ˜‡ here's the patch, enjoy:

    • Oct 13 2021 | 5:22 am
      oh... also... if i may post in a consecutive reply... not exactly on-topic of this patch, but since i've been saving myself from pandemic doldrums with so many patches like this, thought i might share some of the results in video form of some other recent patches i created(they have some secrets i'm not ready to share yet, so i just share the results, but i'll have others i'll share again and again soon)... this was an interesting jit.gl.pix technique i really enjoyed(and also my first attempt at getting drums nicely side-chain ducking my bassline so the two could live together with utmost impact):


      and here's another, where i got even better at sidechaining the bass so the drums could come out more vibrantly and everything can live in the mix with utmost impact and presence(still needs work on some of the out-of-control allpass~ distortion on that one snare hit, tho πŸ˜…):


    • Oct 13 2021 | 6:00 am
      kl!k kl!k bum.
    • Oct 13 2021 | 5:47 pm
      last one sounds great, would like to see patch(audio portion at least)
    • Oct 13 2021 | 8:00 pm
      would like to see patch(audio portion at least)
      perfect, that i can do(i was hesitant to share because the visual basics have some things i might develop more into a style of mine, so for now wanted to keep that part under wraps a bit longer)... happy to share the audio portion..
      also, @VOJKO V, i'm so glad you asked for this! πŸ™Œ because i realize looking through it now, it'll be interesting for folks to see: there's a synth here i got modelled after the Buchla 700, which i made after helping Sandeep in this thread: https://cycling74.com/forums/using-history-to-create-a-feedback-network
      (for this patch, just turned it into an MC version with more detailed control)... but there are other feedback network routings which Buchla came up with for this particular FM synthesizer, which you could try to make yourself based on the information found on this preservation site: https://lanterman.ece.gatech.edu/buchla700/ (i've been meaning to try the other routings they have in some of the docs there, they look like the simple diagram the original user, Sandeep, posted in the forum thread above... there are many others configurations for FM shown like that)
      also, quick credit goes to Shakeeb Alireza, for the Schroeder Reverb i'm using, i need to get more detailed with it, for now, just using it to give a softer presence underneath all the digital sharpness(but the thread is linked in the patch here)
      and finally, don't take the rest too seriously, i was just improvising to discover new things... for the full effect best if you start max first, start audio next, then load this patch. it will start with a loud gunshot/snare in the beginning, then shortly after start sequencing/playing on its own. everything is protected at the output by limi~ but have your hand near your hardware volume control just in case, depending on your hardware settings it can start very loud.
      ok, sorry for the lengthy explanation, here ya go, enjoy:
    • Oct 14 2021 | 7:39 am
      that's a month or two of analyzing.
      Thanks a lot
    • Oct 14 2021 | 5:00 pm
      yooo thansk a lot for sharing your work. Lots of things to unpack here :) I was very unsettled by the strange vision of the Mandolinorian stretched internal organs and as a result liked it a lot !)
    • Oct 14 2021 | 8:17 pm
      Thank you @Vichug, I appreciate that very much πŸ™πŸ»