[Sharing] Commandline Interface for Max [live code your patch!]

    Feb 04 2019 | 12:11 am

    Max Commandline [Live Coding in MaxMSP]

    Download here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/max-commandline-24444720?fbclid=IwAR2l-XDHvYXqffP5Lhz2SP72KMRIx9rjNq6cP_u9tork9Z-vZX7DrLs0BHw I'm a big fan of live coding, and have been working on my own livecoding interface for quite a while now. Now I want you to share in some of the fun, and that is why i release this commandline texteditor for max, that you can easily add to your own audiovisual projects to control parameters (or even more) in your max patch live as a performance! You can use it however you like! If you have requests for additional features, let me know. If there are some bugs, let me know as well of course. Follow the instructions in the helpfile and example patcher to get the idea of how it works. Sidenote: not tested on windows.
    Live coding is starting to become more and more popular. As a new form of performance, as a way of showing transparency to the audience in what you are doing, as a challenge for the performer to come up with interesting code on the fly and as a way of exploring the computer, creative coding and improvisation. Because coding entirely from scratch is a hard task, it can be helpful to prepare some code beforehand, and then perform with that on stage by for example adjusting parameters. This command-line text editor lets you achieve just that! Build your entire audio/visual performance in max, and use the command-line to adjust parameters and play with it.
    This is a command line text editor (similar to the workflow of the terminal) for the opengl world of Max build in javascript. Add the object to your setup and initialize it with the name of the render context. Then make sure you send it the render bang in the top inlet. The outlet outputs the typed text as a list that you can use in any way you like. To for example control parameters of gl objects, but it can also be used for controlling musical parameters, lighting shows, whatever you think of! Hope you like it and enjoy!