Bug report regarding Jamoma pack when using it as a Live amxd device


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    Sep 02 2017 | 1:50 pm
    Hi, I would like to report what I have found.
    First, I had to remove the following lines from 'saturation~.model.presets.txt' inside /Users/km/Documents/Max7/Packages/Jamoma/patchers/models/audio/stereo/distortion/saturation
    depth 10.000000 mode sinus preamp 0.000000
    Otherwise, the values you save with a Live project file will not be properly recalled when opening it.
    The remaining bug is: When opening a Live project file, the value of Preamp parameter becomes 0 visually and internally
    When the Live project file is light, it does not occur. It sometimes happen (not always) when the Live project file is heavy.
    I love the sound quality and CPU efficiency of Jamoma. It would be great to see the official amxd version with Jamoma 2 (perhaps as a paid Live pack).
    amxd 1.50 MB

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      Francisco Colasanto
      Mar 04 2018 | 3:51 am
      I have the same problem :-(