Chaos Stein

    Apr 06 2020 | 12:58 am
    Hi there, I'm looking for information about chaos stein (as you know is part of a-chaos lib and OpenMusic chaos library ). My question specifically is the following: the equation for this recursive function is f (x+1) = r Sin (π x)
    So is the same equation for sine map. So I want to know why they called "stein". Sorry my ignorance but I can not find any clue searching on the web. Thanks

    • Apr 06 2020 | 8:34 am it must be either the female transgender activist or the estonian pope.
    • Apr 06 2020 | 8:54 pm
      or it could be a name derived simply from "Beer stein": "calcified residue buildup in a brewing vessel"(?)
    • Apr 07 2020 | 4:52 pm
      Thanks for the humorous answers. I think I found the real answer:
    • Apr 07 2020 | 6:17 pm
      good find, i always wanted to know that, too. :) all the other names are familar, but not mister stone. i think once ripped of my lorenz patch from the old ali stuff.