Exporting M4L device with mc.* objects

    Feb 11 2019 | 9:41 pm
    I wrote a M4L plugin using the mc objects in Max 8. These objects are amazing life savers, however after exporting my M4L device from the Max8 project, I have a console error with all mc.* objects: no object found. So is it not possible to use the newer Max 8 features in M4L? Attached is a sample patcher of what I'm trying to do with plugin~ and plugout~. Very basic routing.

    • Feb 12 2019 | 10:45 am
      hey, make sure you have set max 8 to be the version that live uses in m4l. Max 8 is officially unrecommended and unsupported with live 9 though, but it works flawlessly for me so far, and i even managed to run a device with mc stuff in it ! The patch you posted here should work, and the messages you get makes think about a max version problem (ie Live using max 7 and not max 8) rather than anything else.
    • Feb 14 2019 | 10:22 pm
      So, I solved the problem with mc's and now it is node4max , I was using Max 8.0.3 and Ableton Live's bundled version was 8.0.2. Never thought bundling your plugin would be such a pain, did you make any M4L devices with node4max?