LEAP MOTION with IRCAM external . M4L device Collaboration call

    Mar 19 2016 | 12:10 am
    Work in progress using the external from Jules Françoise (IRCAM) to map different parameters to Ableton Live .
    Download the externals at the given link to make it work .
    Its a work in progress and i´m looking for fellow max patcher's to help me cause my skills aren't enough for it any more .
    Its based on conditions . The concept is to have different XYZ parameters depending on the gesture ( Grab , Pinch , Roll , Pitch) For example : While grabbing X axis will be mapped to Filter Cutoff, Y to delay amount . While Pinching X will be Reverb Amount , etc etc etc
    This is a nice external that will allow max and live users to have crossplatform apps for leap motion . My skills arent enough so any help will be much apreciated . Im not making any profit out of this , just as a musician i wanted a more expressive tool and with features that didnt exsist so thats why i started the path .