Live Music to Robots

    Mar 29 2018 | 3:19 pm
    Which program...where do I begin in finding and setting up a matrix that will allow me to play a musical instrument lovelivelive and simultaneously activate a robotic response.

    • Mar 29 2018 | 6:02 pm
      You mean you have some kind of mechanical actor that moves to the sound of your music?
    • Apr 05 2018 | 1:55 pm
      Wow...thanks for replying Len, Ahhhhhhh.... I'm attempting to isolate a variety of pitches and tones from a pair of drums from India in live performance to trigger servos corresponding to a one of those specific pitches. i.e. I hit the drum and it make an open toned pitch, or slap it....then the open pitch triggers a wheel moving and the slap closes a door. All live and synchronized. Thanks Joe
    • Apr 10 2018 | 7:29 pm
      You might want to take a look at ftom~ but be aware of that it might take a little bit of effort to reach your goal. I would suggest to work with sensors instead to trigger such things.