Max canceled shut down

    Sep 08 2015 | 9:19 am
    I would like to use the simple Schedule in "Energy Saver" (System Preferences) to shut down and restart the Mac.
    Unfortunately the Max 7.0.3 (also Max MSP 6.1.8) or also the created collective standalone application stops the shut down or restart. The Mavericks OSX 10.9.5 reports "The application Max canceled shut down". Of course I could trigger a script (kill all apps) with the calendar or timer Max, but this is much more complicated.
    May here is not the right place to post because it looks like an OSX problem, but hopefully someone knows a simple solution. I don't find one till now.

    • Sep 08 2015 | 11:11 am
      I've handled this by shutting down Max from inside of the application. You can use the date object to bang a message box with "; max quit" in it, and max will try to quit. If it asks you to save first, you might need to send "; max clean" first. Or, look at the thispatcher object for specific write and clean messages.
    • Sep 09 2015 | 12:50 pm
      FWIW, I've been having that too, not with collectives so much, but with the app, so it's not an isolated (to you) problem. I'm running Yosemite on a new-ish MBP....
    • Sep 09 2015 | 1:23 pm
      I just saw the same thing occur using Max6 on a fully updated Mac OS X system.
    • Sep 09 2015 | 2:10 pm
      Same thing happens here (MBP mid-2014, OS X Mavericks, Max 7.05)
    • Sep 09 2015 | 6:51 pm
      Yes on Snow Leopard it wasn't like that and I think Lion to. I'm just wondering, for what this option is ever in OSX?
      It would be nice to have a scheduler solution without reprogramming Max each time. For example, for a museum which will change the opening times. I could make a text-file where you can write in the schedule and Max read it out and execute the shut down only. So it could be simple for noobs.
      Does it has something to do with the automatic save?
    • Mar 07 2016 | 11:43 pm
      any news to this? this is really nasty for long-term-installations ...
    • Mar 08 2016 | 12:21 am
      the message to Max
      ;max quit
      And other solutions proposed on this thread are how you currently program this in Max.
      Max does not have a calendar application built in, in most cases where you wish to provide this to clients or show maintenance people you will need to program it yourself
    • Mar 08 2016 | 12:36 am
      ? sorry not sure if i got the point. if i schedule os x to shut down at a specific time, it will try to quit max from outside which results in an error message + the cancelation of the shut down-routine. max (and the resulting stand-alones i created) is the only program i know of with this behaviour.
      right now i wrote an scheduler in max which quits max a minute before the system-schedule but .... really?
    • Mar 08 2016 | 12:56 am
      fwiw I am able to restart my Mac running 10.11.3 fine with a Max 7.2 project open - the cancellation does not appear to block the OS from restarting
    • Mar 08 2016 | 1:05 am
      that's interesting - i'm still on 10.10 so i will check that out. thanks Andrew!
    • Jul 02 2016 | 11:00 pm
      It seems each OSX has some changes. Just how much time it costs every time to find it out is sometimes painful. With Mavericks 10.9.5 it Max cancel the shutdown.
      To execute from Max a script to kill all and shut down works fine with the Mavericks, but not in Yosemite 10.10. (With max; launchbrowser or open with shell object). With a mouse click it works always but not executed by Max. I find it out. Yosemite only allow to open applications in the Application-folder. Mavericks does not matter where the app is placed.
      Good to hear that 10.11. didn't abort the shutdown any more. Looking forward