NRPN Electronic Drums

    Nov 18 2019 | 12:00 am
    I have an old medeli 506 electronic kit (release 10 years ago). When I use my drum with Ableton I can map all the drum except Choke cymbals. I understand that the choke program it's on NRPN command. I'm trying to make with Max for live a plugin that solve that problem but I don't understand where I need to put the parameters. I want make 2 rules in one plugin: Rule 1) NRPN go to MIDI (1-127). Rule 2) When MIDI note it's activated (rule 1), mute cymbal MIDI sound (because mute have another sound assignation). Checking my drums I watch that NRPN commands of my cymbals are: 2967 23 23 3354 26 26
    If anyone have a clue I will thanks so much. Kind regards