Performance/Presentation of Jitter Projects at live venues

    May 22 2022 | 10:06 am
    Hi all! I've had a good look through the forums so far to see if there is anything similar to this problem of mine but I can't find anything. Sorry if this has already been discussed.
    My situation is, I would like to put on a series of shows at various venues that differ in terms of size. Some have projectors but most do not.
    I am wondering if there is any hardware that you are aware of that might give me a high quality and possibly modular (in the sense of having something like a series of 6x6 inch led screens that can connect to each other) set up so I can fit it in to any venue and present my ideas with a good quality image.
    I have performed using a projector at my last show and found that the projector made my Jitter patches look really washed out and I also didn't always want the performers to be covered in the projection, I would rather have it on a screen.
    I'm hoping someone out there has had this exact need/problem and can share some stories of how they solved it!
    Thanks in advance.