New Path

New path is a playful two dimensional sequencer that generates midi and controls device parameters.

Synthcore 2

Synthcore 2 is one of the most powerful analog emulation synthesizers ever made, based on features from the OSCAR and Waldorf Q (which, as you may know, were discontinued because they were too expensive to build in hardware).

binaural_jit is a set of flexible Max for Live devices for binaural spatialization in Ableton.


This is my first project, for school, and the forum helped me so much - even though I only fed on old threads - that I feel the need to give back.

RICHTUNGEN is a small sequencer I've written in Max/MSP.

Collab Alliance (Season One) Official Video

I made this video clip for the Collab Alliance guys. It’s all rendered in real-time and was created entirely in MaxForLive with my Spectral One and Graphik One visual devices released on Isotonik Studios.

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