4d plot animation NetCDF

    Mar 07 2022 | 12:02 pm
    Hey everybody, I am a beginner in Max now making a crash course myself in Jitter. My task to solve and the question to ask is, if it is possible to make a 4d plot animation in Jitter from satellite geo data that is stored in NetCDF files. The variables I can read out of the data are X, Y coordinates for a grid of 432x432 vertices. The variable Z contains the height of the topography for each vertex. The animation would happen through the changing Z coordinate in a monthly time period.
    I know that it is possible to generate a topography / terrain with jit.noise for the axis z but this is generic. I would like to replace it with the real data for z / height.
    Does anybody have a clue if this is possible? I would be so grateful!

    • Mar 07 2022 | 7:32 pm
      Hey Deau, all is possible. You just need to read the data and fill a matrix with it. I would suggest to use JS scripting for that.
    • Mar 08 2022 | 12:47 pm
      Hey Federico, thank you a lot for your tip! I will try that. I owe you already for your great tutorials :)